Sun in air signs



Sun in air signs.The nature of the Sun is hot and dry, therefore functions the best in the fire signs. In air signs, the social nature tones down the fiery nature and makes it more cerebral and less ego driven. With that loss of ego the Sun’s nature becomes weaker. The strength of the Sun in air signs lies in their ability to reason.



Sun in Gemini


Sun in Gemini is the 1st air sign in the zodiac. As a mutable personal sign Gemini focuses on communication and saying what comes to mind. Gemini is represented by the twins, two people indicating a duality. In classic astrology these twins are actually a man and a woman. This is because Gemini represents childhood learning. Geminis are curious people and want to engage the minds of those they come in contact with because they want to be able to understand human nature.

Geminis are adaptable and usually have a short attention span as Mercury is consistently looking for new things to engage their minds. They flex their muscles in all fields of communication. Writing, public speaking, broadcasting, radio and so on. If they are challenged they may give you a verbal beating. You might receive a  tongue lashing full of painful memories  you may never have even known they knew about. Geminis unlike their other air sign companions aren’t as concerned with your feelings. They can be very blunt, and switch it off and become very friendly and calculating  depending on their current mood.

Famous Geminis in a “Gemini” profession : Actors; Morgan Freeman, Johnny Depp, Mike Myers,Angelina Jolie, Ice Cube,Marilyn Monroe,Tupac Shakur,Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Kate Upton, Ian McClellan,Zoe Saldana,Colin Ferrell,Dave Franco. Artists: Paul McCartney, Cee-lo Green, Kendrick Lamar, Dean Martin, Josephine Baker,Judy Garland, Jadakiss, Miles Davis,Lauryn Hill, Kanye West, Bob Dylan, Prince, Tom Jones, Kylie Minogue. Broadcasting/TV: Creflo Dollar, Marv Albert, Mike Breen,Mort Zuckerman.


Sun in Libra

Libra indicates  the time of year when the Sun falls below the equinox axis and begins to fade away, thus the Sun in Libra is in fall. Therefore the individual will of the Sun is  replaced with a focus on the pair and making two different beings into one unit. Libras are good negotiators and appreciate a good back and forth debate. They are the lawyer sign after all. Because of this concern for others and also focus on objectivity, Libras may never have a solid position or stand on an issue. They may simply take a counter position for arguments sake. Their symbol, the scales, is indicative of this objective focus on an issue or the facts as opposed to playing favorites. For this reason they may be unsure of themselves, and it affects confidence.  L

ibras also have a tendency to enjoy a good debate, but don’t like direct confrontation. Keep things on the intellectual level. You can reason with them, and they will concede in arguments for the sake of objectivity. Libras may appear to be more pale, and have skin issues since the Sun rules vitality, and it’s in a weakened state here.

Famous Libras with “Libra” professions: Activists: Reverend Al Sharpton, Reverend Jesse Jackson, John Lennon.Legal profession: Johnny Cochran, Judge Judith Sheindlin Politicians: Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Adlai Stevenson MusiciansJohn Lennon, Usher.


Sun in Aquarius

Sun in Aquarius is in detriment. The Sun is at it’s weakest.  Aquarians are known as the humanitarian signs. I call it the “we” sign. The self is put in 2nd or 3rd place to ideals and concepts, as well as other people. Aquarius is what some would call a hyper-rationalist. May not get sarcasm or subtle ques, or read emotions. They live for the whole, and thus do not really want to fight. Aquarians don’t like the idea of fighting as it’s not a rational or civilized way to settle disputes. Egos should be put aside for the sake of the whole Aquarius believes. This is despite them actually tending to be self-centered and stubborn themselves. This belief in ideals is able to rally vast array of people to a cause. Because Aquarius is looking past race, ethnicity, and language differences. Those don’t matter. Aquarians may be pale skinned and veiny regardless of race.

Famous Aquarius’s with “Aquarius” professions: Activists: Alex Jones, Glenn Beck  Politicians: Paul Ryan Dan Quayle Musicians: Bob Marley,Justin Timberlake, Mozart.


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