Sun in fire signs



Sun in fire signs tend to be the most ego centered Sun signs of all the elements. Fire is hot and dry as is the Sun thus this element is most comfortable functioning in this planet. Physical self expression is important to the fire Sun signs.

Sun in Aries

Sun in Aries is an exalted placement. This is the Sun’s initial burst of energy. Aries is looked at as the “baby” fire sign, the grandson of Zeus/Amun.  Being a personal sign Aries is looked at as “pre-moral” and there for not as cognizant of nuance that it’s opposite Libra or the later social, and universal signs have. Aries makes it up with a strong sense of self and a lot of pride. An ability to lead as Cardinal signs tend to have. A strong constitution. Aries , even if they have a weakened Mars placement, will stand up for self and those they care for quickly if challenged. Aries has a quick temper but it also dissipates quickly too. They are the first sign, and love being first. Aries will initiate something new, spearhead it, but not necessarily see it through the end.

Famous Aries in “Aries” fields: Sports: Adrian Peterson, Kyrie Irving, Peyton Manning, Jason Kidd, Rafael Marquez, Anderson Silva, Wladimir Klitchko, John Stockton, J.J. Watt. While not an athlete, Sun in Aries, and Mars in Aries native Russell Crowe tends to play a warrior of some type on film.


Sun in Leo

Sun in Leo is domicile. The Sun rules Leo thus this is the strongest Sun sign placement. With it comes much pride, ego, and a strong identity. Leo doesn’t always love being the center of attention, Leo loves being acknowledged though. Fixed nature of Leo means one who won’t willingly quit. Pride drives them to see things through the end. Similar subjective and self oriented outlook to that of Aries,  Leo thinks in terms of “how will it affect people’s perception of me”. As a social sign Leo cares very much about what people thing of them.If pride is damaged it can drive them to extremes to pursue what they view as redemption. Natural born leaders, but in a different way than Aries. Aries could be viewed as a war general able to rally troops for battle, but after the battle is over, they take their foot off the gas and pursue something else( Cardinal sign). Leo the CEO, President, Prime Minister, has the drive and will to be in charge of all sectors, but wants to remain leader.

Famous Leos with “Leo” careers: Politics: Bill Clinton, Napoleon, Barack Obama, Hugo Chavez, Benito Mussolini,Ron Paul,Deval Patrick, Jim McGreevey. Actors: Robert Deniro, Chris Hemsworth, Laurence Fishbourne, Hillary Swank, Halle Berry, Vivica A. Fox, Jennifer Lawrence, Ben Affleck, Ed Norton, Kevin Spacey, Meagan Good.  Subset of actors/body builders: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Terry Crews. (Leo is the bodybuilder sign, or Adonis)

Sun in Sagittarius

Sun in Sagittarius is the 9th sign of the zodiac and not in domicile or exaltation as a Sun sign. Reasoning being is this is a trans-human and bi-corpial/dual sign. So the focus isn’t on ego, or self per say, and it has with it a  scattered and inconsistent energy (mutable). Sagittarius is the final Sun sign, where the flame is dim and flickering ready to die out. Sagittarius will have it’s moments when the fire resurfaces but it’s a laid back energy. The focus is on higher education and high purposes that effect humans en masse.  Sagittarius wants to teach and preach at it’s core and share what it’s learned it it’s travels. (Sagittarius rules foreigners). Challenge a Sagittarius personally like an Aries or Leo, Sagittarius will not take the challenge as seriously or personally . If you challenge or attack their intellect however, that’s when you will catch the the Sun’s fiery fury. Jupiter is also a joker and loves to laugh, so jokes and pranks generally are not taken as offensive by Sagittarius.

Famous Sagittarians in “Sagittarius” fields: Science: Bill Nye Religion Pope Francis Publishing: Bruce Vilanch, Plum Sykes

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