’s Sun in Virgo 2012 forecast for the US

blank's Sun in Virgo 2012 forecast for the US 1


Sun makes the transit into Virgo today , August the 22nd 2012. This harvest season will prove to be very active for the US in terms of geopolitics and economics. We just have to check the news to see this playing out. So I have been analyzing this astrologically utilizing the most widely used date for the creation of the US which was determined by Ebenezer Sibly , an astrologer who lived in that era. There are numerous ones with different dates, and different times but for simplicity sake I will use the mainstream one. Using that chart I’ve come across some dates, and times that caught my attention starting with this one, which is August the 29th.'s Sun in Virgo 2012 forecast for the US 2

Before I get into this month specifically I just want to touch on the slower moving planets a little because they tell a very interesting story.  Starting with Pluto, you can see it natally in the country’s second house. In Capricorn and in the house of Taurus this is indicative of austerity and destroying what exists to start over. This is also indicative of gaining possessions and acquiring assets through murder, manipulation, and stealing. Pluto is coming around for a return in the coming years so all things pluto need to observed, which is epidemics, death, austerity.

Another planet which caught my attention was Saturn. Saturn in Libra natally occupying the 11th house. Indicates lack of friends, or restriction of friends due to law, legislation. Libra has to do with deals and partnership, and fair deals at that. Saturn blocks this . Saturn is making it’s return as it’s passing through the 11th house which puts stress on relationships with allies and other countries.


So looking at the chart for 9/29 which is a week into Virgo. There are a few things that jump out at me. Progressed Venus Aries conjunct Chiron in Aries This is very interesting because it says to me that the United States will begin to take a hard look at the foreign policies of aggression and taking a much closer look at wounds that have been caused by war policies which may be done by the people especially with the election coming up. It may not be agents of government doing so. It also indicates, since Venus is in her detriment, a poor harvest season.

Jupiter in Gemini the seventh house of partnership and open enemies is conjunct natal Mars in Gemini so expect a lot of inflammatory rhetoric coming from America’s enemies, Mars Gemini will trine progressed Mercury in Aquarius which is in the 3rd house. Expect a lot of community talk, talk about collectivism and society , caring for your neighbors, “we’re all in this together” type of energy by politicians as war rhetoric continues against those abroad. Progressed Mars in Libra in the 11th tells me that recently contracts have been  signed and alliances forged with “frenemies.”


Venus transiting the 8th house indicates loss of money, and it’s squaring Saturn in the 11th house, money lost due to contracts with allies. Mars is also squaring Venus which indicates this will be a point of contention.'s Sun in Virgo 2012 forecast for the US 3

Last decan

By the end of the month, we see that  Mars makes it’s way into Scorpio sitting in the 12th house.  This is  a placement of self undoing. Mars in a comfortable sign in the twelfth house means that some kind of internal event may take place . Mars trining natal 8th house Sun tells me that the event will be a pretext  for purposes of discharging debt, acquiring others possessions.

US chart ruler

Us chart ruler Jupiter is detriment in Gemini and transiting the 7th house.Indicating benefits will come with diplomatic solutions with enemies of the US.

The Federal Reserve’s progressed sun conjuncts the US Venus and Chiron , The US Chiron is in the Federal Reserve’s midheaven, expect to so something exposed. An Audit or Libor scandal making it’s way back to the Federal Reserve.

This will set the table for the Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn mutual reception.


What do you see transpiring this year under Virgo?


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