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virgo  Virgo season 2013


Virgo season this year will begin in a Neptune malaise. A lazy, sleepy first week  of Virgo season (harvest season) thanks to a Sun in Virgo opposite Neptune in 4 degrees Pisces transit. Impressionability is heightened under this influence so be aware of deceptions. Fast talkers and head hunting sales people should be avoided, especially if you’re a first decan Virgo or late Leo because you may be victimized.

At 11:36pm est today Mercury will join the Sun in Virgo creating a Sun- Mercury conjunction which will lend a helping hand to the workers, organizers, technicians of the world. The focus on detail work is increased. Virgo like it’s fellow earth sign Taurus has a basis in agriculture. Taurus is the planting of the seeds. Virgo is the harvest season. So this is naturally a time for working, especially multitasking, hustling type of work. Sun Virgo is known as a “helper” or a service sign.


One problem that can throw off this worker bee mentality can be the Sun opposite Neptune , and Mercury opposite Neptune transits this year especially for the first  week and change of Virgo season. Intermittent miscommunication and some confusion brought upon by Neptune fog is bound to happen (careful not to lose your wallet, or your cellphone).  Also long sleepy nights are coming with what I believe will be an early end to summer this year in the northern hemisphere.

    September 5th there will be a new Moon in Virgo. And with Neptune out of the way of the Sun and Mercury in Virgo, we can look forward to a doubling down and refocus of Virgo energy . Cleaning up, in many contexts and sharpening your sword (or pen with Virgo).

The Sun in Virgo will be trine Pluto in Capricorn until about September 12th which will add a bit of  O.C. to whatever it is you’re working hard on. Don’t forget that breaks are necessary, days off are necessary.

Harness the energies and impulses. You have the urge to write? Do it. Urge to clean and refine what ever it is you think needs to? Do it.Check out the Virgo horoscope, along with the other horoscopes below.

Organization. An inherent #Virgo skill.

What does it mean for each sign?

*based on a Solar chart interpretation.

Aries-Sun transits your solar 6th house. Focus on working,health. Venus in Libra opposing your Sun balances out your Arian nature. Resist doing half hearted work due to Venus’s influence.

Taurus- Sun transits solar 5th house. Focus on self expression, fun,  sex. Increased mental function. Fixed square from Sun to Mars increases assertiveness and or combativeness.

Gemini- Sun transits solar 4th house. Focus on family, home. Sun in Gemini squaring Mercury in Virgo can result in increased anxiety so you will need to make it a note to get your relaxation time in.

Cancer- Sun transits solar 3rd house. Focus on verbal and written communications. Mercury in Virgo also being in the solar third house with the Sun  you will definitely be on the phone more.

Leo – Sun transits solar 2nd house. Focus on accumulating possessions. Venus in Libra sextile your sun will assist you in the social sphere and attract more wealth to you.

Virgo- Sun transits solar 1st house. Focus on doing what Virgos do. Writing a book and have had writer’s block? This is the time to pick it back up.

Libra- Sun transits solar 12th house. Focus on reflecting, get rest.  Sun conjunct Venus should help you during this time of reflection.

Scorpio– Sun transits solar 11th house. Focus on group activities and outings with friends. Mars in Leo will be squaring Sun in Scorpio however. So be careful to not start fights with your friends , or a group that you  just joined.

Sagittarius- Sun transits solar 10th house. Focus on career and public perception. This is a time to increase your standing in the world. Venus in Libra will give you a nudge publicly and take the edge off of some of the “rawness”.

Capricorn- Sun transits solar 9th house. Focus on expansion, learning new things, foreign concepts. Mercury in Virgo helps dedication to study. Venus in Libra however may make you feel like you really don’t want to put in the work.  Focus on whatever you’re doing and resist the temptation to be lazy

Aquarius- Sun transits solar 8th house. Focus on cleaning out emotional issues of  the past year.  It’s a time for catharsis. This means meditating and doing things that ease tension. With Mars opposing your Sun, be wary of becoming too defensive if these emotionally cathartic situations involve other people in your presence.

Pisces- Sun transits solar 7th house. Focus on deals, contracts. With The Sun-Mercury-Neptune dynamics get a second or third opinion on any deals or arrangements being  made. There are bound to be some oversights and misunderstandings.

Big emphasis on health and fitness with Virgos.

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