Sun in water signs

Sun in the water signs |


Sun in water signs

Sun in the water signs indicates  a person who is keenly in tune with emotions and the temperature of their environment. These natives have sharp intuition and strong perceptive powers. Each one is geared towards perceiving  different things.

Sun in Cancer

Sun in Cancer natives are the stewards and caretakers of the immediate family and the home. Cancers  love to make their family or whoever enters their home happy. They do this many times by cooking. Cancers are foodies like their Earth element, personal sign counterpart, Taurus. So throwing together a meal is something they tend to love. Cancers being ruled by the crab are cagey like the crab. If they don’t know you too well they will be on guard. And they will come forward while pacing side to side until they have you sized up. If they don’t approve of you or the environment they’re in,they will walk back into the sea ( sea being their house).

Being ruled by the Moon means Cancer is prone to sudden changes in Mood. As the Moon makes its transits the Cancer native will go through a kaleidoscope of different moods and feelings over the course of a day. The word “loony” is derived from the word Lunar, which refers to the Moon. So Cancer natives may seem “loony” at times. But this lends to a potentially hilarious sense of slapstick humor much like Cancer comedians ; Will Ferrell, Robin Williams, Kevin Hart, and Eddie Griffin to name some.

Sun in Scorpio

Scorpio is sensitive  like the other water signs, however Scorpio is ruled by Mars. Being a feminine Mars sign, Scorpio goes forward but with defenses up, radar on, and cloaking on. Scorpio wants to go to A-B but doesn’t want to be seen doing so. As a fixed sign, Scorpio wants to be in the driver seat and in control of their lives. So many are loners at heart.

Scorpio rules over taxes, sex and sexual health, morgues, other people’s possessions, and  occult subjects. These are areas where they tend to excel. Many Scorpios are in politics. Because politics, depending on what level, is somewhere a Scorpio can have some control and oversee local issues without having to be seen  that much. If control is challenged they may use subversive tactics. Think Hillary Clinton.  Scorpio makes a great friend and dangerous enemy.

Sun in Pisces

The mutable water sign Pisces is the caretaker of the sick and displaced in society. A benevolent sign ruled by Jupiter classically, and Neptune in modern astrology.As a universal sign, and the last sign in the zodiac, Pisces wants to help humanity and will sacrifice to do so.  Pisces make work as a nurse or counselor in a rehab clinic, work in a jail or prison, hospital caring for the sick. Very empathetic sign.

Pisces also deals with music and film. Pisces has a powerful auditory and photographic memory.  Not only that, but a connection with the spirit world that allows them to produce powerful visions and music. There are many famous directors and musicians that are Pisceans.

Pisces must watch and be weary of liquor even more than the other water signs. Pisces tends to want to swim away into a bottle or some type of drug to escape reality which can send them to the company of the very people they like to help.

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