Superhuman astrology Vol 2


In the previous entry Superhuman astrology Vol 1,  I talked about Sun signs being conjunct with their sign ruler while the sign ruler being at home. Aries through Virgo. The first half is a bit simpler because all of the signs in the first half of the zodiac are ruled by inner planets. The last 6 signs however get a bit more dicey because of their outer planet rulership. Example, A Sun – Pluto in Scorpio conjunction is going to be very rare because it will only happen every 140 years or so. So not many people will have the aspect. I will be using classic astrological rulerships here in this entry.  This segment we will explore Libra through Pisces natives.

 The Astrology

The Charmer

Sun in Libra with Venus in Libra

Will Smith Libra
Will Smith
costumer designer guild awards 5 180209
Michael Douglas






This combination makes for someone very open to listening to someone’s wishes, and seriously take them into consideration. Mirroring the people they’re with makes anyone that is around them, feel comfortable. This attracts many friends  and opens many doors for them. Since the Sun is in fall and Venus is in domicile here, Venus  takes precedence. So they are willing if necessary to put themselves 2nd, and others first if they feel it necessary.

Will Smith – Actor, Rapper most widely known for his role on the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”.  Also as a  relationship expert in “Hitch” (totally Libra). And a host of movies where he is a part of the government or going up against the government. Very Libran

Michael Douglas – Actor known for is roles in many famous and popular romance dramas. Also as Gordon Gecko . the Wall Street head hunter who was a criminal business mastermind in film Wall Street. White collar and organized crime is something that Libras can be very good at.

Other natives with this : Mya Harrison.



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The Charismatic

Sun in Scorpio and Mars in Scorpio

Leonardo Dicaprio
Grace Kelly








This combination makes for an intense individual, that gives off a strong energy. One that an empath would definitely pick up on especially. Piercing gaze. If they want something they will not hesitate to go after it with undying will. Using manipulation if necessary, but many would not even know they are totally under the thumb of this Scorpio power (hidden strength).

Leonardo Dicaprio – Known for his role as Romeo in Romeo and Juliet. Plays roles that involve mystery, crime. Very psychological in nature. You won’t see him in any comedies , simply too intense for that.

Grace Kelly- World famous stage and film actress. The Scorpio influence helped her marry into power as well. Marrying the Prince of Monaco, the wealthiest state in the world.

Other natives- Joaquin Phoenix


The Legend

Sun in Sagittarius with Jupiter in Sagittarius

Aaron Rogers








These natives have faith in themselves and trust that things will always work out for the best. Want to be great and acknowledged for their accomplishments.  Doesn’t always mean they will deserve it though. Sometimes they think the benevolence of the universe will simply provide for them.

Aaron Rogers – Pro Bowl quarterback for the Green Bay Packers.  “Bad man” according to ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith which is a testament to the larger than life nature of Jupiter. Creating a  “meta-ego” of sorts.

Florence Griffith Joyner -American Olympic legend. Fastest woman of all time.

Other natives- Former NY Mayor Ed Koch, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel.


The Timeless Worker

Sun in Capricorn with Saturn in Capricorn

Sade Adu
Jean-Michel Basquiat






With the Sun saddled with Saturn ( in the myths Saturn is an enemy celestial body), the Sun takes over. These natives live through their work. You probably won’t find most of them out and about  and at all the famous venues and gatherings.  They tend to be solitary creatures who rather produce things that are of use to people in some form.

Sade Adu – Nigerian born , British based soul singer. With hits spanning 4 decades. Known as a perfectionist amongst her band mates. You know her by her work,  though she tends to shy from the limelight.

Jean-Michel Basquiat –Famed Graffiti artist who created many paintings and other art about socio-political issues in the abstract.

Other natives : Carl Rogers.

 The Trend Setter

Sun in Aquarius with Saturn in Aquarius

Michael Jordan
Christian Dior






This combination asks, how can I work to help the group? What  can I do that will set a precedent , a standard that is universal. Whether philosophically or something tangible, they want to be known for their mass impact.

Michael Jordan- 6 time NBA champion with the Chicago Bulls. Created the Jordan line of shoes, which now brands shoes by other athletes across all the major professional team sports.

Christian Dior – French fashion designer who created one of the world’s largest fashion houses. Died at 52 in 1957 , but the brand is going strong until this day.

Other natives: Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck.


The Martyr/Spiritual leader

Sun in Pisces with Jupiter in Pisces

Joel Osteen
Harry Belafonte






These natives can convincingly communicate spiritual messages. Messages that have the ability to capture the hearts and the minds of the listeners (Mutable water). There is a clairvoyant  kind of energy with this configuration where the Sun-Jupiter native can communicate with others on an empath level by sending out positive vibes.

Joel Osteen – Mega Church minister, author , and televangelist from Houston Texas.

Harry Belafonte Jr.– Famous Jamaican born Calypso singer and social, political activist.

Other natives : Casey Anthony , Seal (singer), Vanessa Williams.


As I said earlier, the title superhuman isn’t to be taken literally. But I was just highlighting how these contacts allow for skillsets and characteristics that non natives can only dream about. Hope you’ve enjoyed, thanks for checking it out!






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