Synastry and constructive interference + big announcement


Synastry and constructive interference + big announcement 1

Constructive interference


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I thought this would be cool to share on the cusp of our transition into Libra. Astrology, I believe, is very much part of the kinetic energy field that makes up this life on Earth. And your natality and the energy that comes with it is a result of the timing. 

The timing of your entrance to this plane. Much of this is explained in my book as well as Ptolemy’s Tetribiblos, and other books. The seasons, which can be timed down to the minute, determine an individual’s energy type, their wavelength. This is an integral part of interpersonal relationships!

In comes constructive interference. Constructive interference, in physics and QFT, is when two frequencies  are are literally on the same wavelength. The two sine waves are actually working in tandem to create a more powerful wave. In the diagram, the left side shows a red sine wave. That is when two sines work together to make a bigger one. I think of this as two compatible Suns, or moons, or any planet in synastry. I talk about sine waves and Astrology in my book as well.

There is also destructive interference. That’s the flat red line on the right. This is when wavelengths are opposed or incompatible. I think of that as oppositions, squares, and harsh aspects. They cause tension and tension can break unions or make them stronger. The question is, what is the tally of planets in synastry that are on the same wavelength, vs those that aren’t.

For most people you deal with on a daily basis on a more formal level, same wavelength in my opinion, is always better. It’s easier to work with someone to complete a project or task when you’re on the same wavelength. Look at some of your co-workers, If you can, check out the natality of the ones you collaborate with vs the one’s that you have a harder time seeing eye to eye.

Building something amazing for Astrology lovers and students.

Synastry and constructive interference + big announcement 2

New Patreon integration + more.

Great value

I’ve connected Discord, Patreon, and together to foster a community that shares knowledge, those who are interested in seriously learning Astrology and other beneficial subjects,

I’ve created two tiers for the sake of simplicity. After working long and hard (10 years in 2019) at building I want to give my attention to more dedicated and motivated people. If you’re on this email list that’s you.

Initiate is the 1st tier


  1. Access to some exclusive content on
  2. Access to Initiate level private Discord room
  3. Access to Q&A archive on
  4. Exclusive emails for Patreon members

Adept is the 2nd tier


  1. Access to more exclusive content
  2. Access to Adept level private Discord room
  3. Ask questions on
  4. 10% discount code on reading of your choice (1 per year)
  5. Exclusive emails for Patreon members

The Initiate tier begins at $1. That’s the minimum allowable dollar amount. The Q&A archive on is extensive and is valuable for study. So those on the initiate level can study from hundreds of Astrological questions. The initiate level Discord is for questions and discussion among community members.

The Adept tier allows you to ask deeper questions and receive elaborate answers in the Q&A. It could be about a specific chart and you want to bounce an idea off me, or possibly in the future, other astrologers. I’ve enabled a function in the Q&A section where you can upload your chart to ask specific questions. The Discord is also about answering and asking deeper questions and sharing more knowledge, more of a mentorship..

I’m dedicating time to those who want to learn and possibly start their own practice or business. So not only will I talk about Astrology and metaphysics, but I want to share some of my strategies and other knowledge with Initiates and Adepts.

I hope to see you on there.


Synastry and constructive interference + big announcement 3


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