Terrell Owens (Sag) vs. Chad Ochocinco (Cap)


Capricorns being more private people and also self-critical really don’t like being held under the microscope of scrutiny in a public situation like cable T.V. Chad is clearly uncomfortable and also a bit bugged. Looking elsewhere in his natal chart, Chad has his moon and venus in Capricorn as well, making him even more concerned about keeping business and home life separate. He is the more grounded of the two (astrologically). His Mars in Leo clearly doesn’t appreciate looking belittled or demeaned in anyway whether it be real or perceived.

T.O. shows the kind of innocent and well wishing but none the less inflammatory Sagittarius nature, he means well but his Sun trining Mars in Aries means he shoots straight from the hip no filter. He is just calling it how he sees it in true Sagittarius form. With Mercury sextile Jupiter he may be just talking too much.

Chad should take this as encouragement because that is what T.O. means by it. His intent is not malicious. T.O. could learn from Chad that all business is not necessarily for the public to know about. Chad likes some privacy as a triple Capricorn, T.O. with fire (Sun and Mars) and air(Venus) is not nearly as private or concerned with privacy.

How will this work out? Well the coming months will tell the story.

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