The Astrology And Numbers Of Nipsey Hussle’s Life



The Astrology And Numbers Of Nipsey Hussle’s Life

It’s been a very sad week. The world lost a legend and inspirational figure in Nipsey Hussle. Rather than do a post-mortem (I don’t do those anymore) analysis, I wanted to look at the amazing cosmic blueprint that was given to him, the work he was tasked with, and how he succeeded. I’m going to leave all the politics and whatnot for Twitter to hash out.

A King Was Born

The Astrology And Numbers Of Nipsey Hussle's Life 1

Born August 15th, 1985, Ermias Asghedom was born in Los Angeles, California under a 22 degree Leo Sun. Joined by a conjunct Mars, moon in Leo, and Mercury retrograde in Leo.  Nipsey’s outlook on life appeared to be about loyalty and positivity despite circumstances. He traveled to his father’s native Eritrea in 2004 where he met his paternal family. Nipsey said this pilgrimage changed his life (Saturn experience). He started rapping and promoting his mixtapes in 2005. He did shows for free, worked hard to gain visibility.

Based on his chart, he favored hard work. The Saturn square Mars and moon in Leo signature shows he probably believed he had to work 3x as hard to get where he wanted to and was willing to sacrifice to make it happen. Over the next decade, he continued to make music and build his reputation. In 2016 he invested in The Marathon Agency. In 2017 he opened The Marathon Store on Slauson Avenue in his own neighborhood. Selling apparel.

In 2016 towards the end of his Saturn return, one of his most influential planets, it appears he lept into a new mind frame. There was a maturation, he wanted to head to the next level. Just recently he purchased the mini-mall where his Marathon store was located with an investment partner. Nipsey had other real estate projects going on. He was set to meet with LAPD about ways to stop gang violence. The day of his murder, he was taking a friend who was just released from prison…shopping for new clothes. He had time for everyone and it appeared he was beloved by everyone.

Leo To The Core

Glamorous, flashy, loyalty seeking, friendly, all of those words seemed to describe Nipsey well. If you go on social media there is a genuine sense of sadness from his friends in the music industry and his neighborhood. Even those who didn’t know him like Havoc of Mobb Deep said: “I know he stood for something, and he stood for us!” It’s that sense that seems to be most devastating.

He had the aura and energy of a leader. Charismatic… someone who was making an imprint where he lived, improving the lives of those where he lived, offering opportunity, hope. Nipsey had a vision for his community, which has a generational legacy of gangs. He was a CRIP, and in a CRIP neighborhood, yet he believed in the friendlier acronyms of CRIP like “Community Revolution In Progress.”

That Leo stellium was unfolding in his life, he had a vision, he fought for the vision and was a leader that his community and thousands, even millions looked to for inspiration. That’s the true essence of a Leo at their best.. and most powerful.

Venus in Cancer reflects his love and adoration for his neighborhood. He never left. While most flee, he decided to stay and work to revive and revitalize.

Another Perspective

Another angle to look at his life with is that addition to that Leo stellium, he was a Life Path #1. In numerology that is the essence of a leader, someone who breaks the mold. It’s the closest Life Path to the Leo astrological archetype!

1 is the first number of the 9 number cycle. With the 1 the essence of the trailblazer was born into him according to numerology.

So when you add it all together, the world lost a one of a kind dude. You’re talking about a business mogul who started at the bottom, literally and changed lives across the globe with his music. I’ve read comments about how Nipsey Hussle helped people through college, through homelessness, with his music. He gave a homeless man a job in his mini-mall as a custodian. A man who had no place to live. Took him shopping, took him to the barbershop. The joy on the man’s face was priceless. Those are actions of a leader winning over hearts.

Not everyone has the courage, will, or energy to live their lives like this. But Nipsey did.


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