The astrology of Lamar Odom


Who is Lamar Odom?

I wanted to start off this analysis by saying that Lamar Odom is a champion and a former 6th man of the year in the NBA. His Kardashian reality TV show fame is not how I or I’d venture to say most people know of him. On the court he was a versatile small/power forward. He was Lebron before Lebron really. I’ve also never read or heard anyone say a bad thing about him as a person despite his personal demons. He was a gifted basketball player that has a good heart in my estimation.

That’s not really what I want to focus on here though. I wanted to analyze his chart and share why I think he has these struggles based on his personal astrology. A look at his natal chart reveals some markers that I believe are indicative of someone in his current situation.

Natal Chart Of Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom’s natal chart and transits

A look at Lamar’s current transits and his natal chart has a few interesting points of emphasis.

His natal Moon in Gemini (Mother, family) opposite Neptune in Sagittarius (drugs, prison,confusion) tells me that emotionally he struggles to identify and deal with the condition of his family. His mother, Cathy Mercer, was a corrections officer on Riker’s Island who died from colon cancer when he was 12. The day after his mother’s funeral he was involved in a car accident which resulted in someone being killed.  He’s been quoted as  saying “death has been around me my whole life.” Which really fits into the theme of Scorpio and the life/death cycle they’re known for. Right now it’s obvious he was dealing with some heavy demons and has self medicated his entire life, and Neptune is specifically associated with drugs and prisons. My thinking is that he really didn’t see much of his mother or had a very distant relationship. Lamar’s father Joe Odom is a war vet and a former heroin addict who he’s been estranged from for years.  My thinking is he’s always been looking for a family.

When he married Khloe Kardashian (Sun Cancer) I think he found that family unit that eluded him for his entire life. But it was likely a dream that didn’t translate into reality again (Neptune). Interesting coincidence, he had a son that tragically passed away in his sleep. His son was born two days after Khloe Kardashian (Cancer).  There seems to be some kind of water sign karma that is with him, that hasn’t been excised from his life and healed.

Natal Venus square Jupiter tells me that he also simply enjoyed excesses. Excess pleasure and a lot of it. He was known to be a heavy candy consumer, which his friend and former teammate Kobe Bryant  used to get on top of him for. But the excess extended far beyond candy, it included hard drugs. Aside from dealing with the pain of his life circumstances surrounding loved ones, he likes a good time plain and simple. Too much of anything isn’t a good thing, especially drugs.

Transiting Saturn is conjunct his Venus exactly at the moment. This is an aspect that shows a person questions their self worth, and has to build that up over time. I wouldn’t doubt at all that he is in a depression right now.  Saturn is  throwing him some harsh tests. Tests that I believe if conquered, will allow him to be a great teacher and leader in regards to overcoming addiction and grief.

Rise of the Phoenix

Lamar is a Scorpio. I think that Scorpios due to their fixed modality and Mars rulership are some of the most resilient people in the zodiac. With that Scorpio Sun and an abundance of fire there is a strong spirit and charisma inherently in him and others see it based on the compliments and love they have for him. As a fan of the NBA and on a human level I’m personally rooting for him to recover and do something great in the next phase of his life. Off the court he’s been an underdog and he has the opportunity to do incredible things if he can get past this. Greater things than he did on the basketball court.



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