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In sports, whenever a team is “under performing”, first issue looked at is the teams chemistry. One player may face scrutiny since he’s the star, or a “support” player for not not performing up to the standard. We have also seen many instances of star players being traded and then becoming less than stellar and vice versa. Astrology is completely overlooked in team chemistry, and I will give examples of astrological team chemistry in action, and why it should be utilized when drafting, trading, and signing players to teams.

New York Knicks of the 90s

Since they are my team, I will use them as my star example of team chemistry. The Knicks had on the floor Patrick Ewing (Sun Leo, Mars Gemini), Anthony Mason (Sun Sagittarius, Mars Libra) Charles Oakley (Sun Sagittarius) and John Starks (Sun Leo, Mars Libra). The resonance here is outstanding and the instinctual level with each other is also high. It’s been said how the Knicks then played with so much heart and fire. Well there is definitely an abundance of heart with two Leos and enough fire with 4 solar fire signs .

Dynamic Duos

There are also historically and currently some dynamic duos who have such a strong vibe that they basically “make” the team. One of these duos was on the 90s Seattle Supersonics. Shawn Kemp and Gary Payton. These two had a psychic and intuitive vibe (both are lunar Cancers). Shawn is a solar Sagittarius, and Gary is a Leo, again, a very strong resonance. The Utah Jazz had their own duo as well. Karl Malone is an early Leo sun and John Stocton is an early degree Aries. Karl Malone is rightfully named the “Mailman” with his mars and moon in Virgo (worker sign). John’s mars opposes Karl’s in service and sacrifice oriented Pisces, which is what he did most (distribute the ball and put self last). Last example and most well know is Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. Michael Jordan (Aquarius, moon Sagittarius) and Scottie Pippen (Libra, Moon Libra) were the core mechanic of the Chicago Bulls dynasty.

Fast Forward to 2011

The blockbuster deal adding Lebron James and Chris Bosh to the Miami Heat is working out so far. Astrologically however, Chris Bosh may prove to be the odd man out here. Lebron James and Dwayne Wade both have a strong Capricorn presence in both of their charts. Lebron’s Sun is at about 8 degrees in Capricorn and Chris Bosh’s Sun is at 2 degrees Aries. Dwayne Wade will clearly vibe better with Bosh due to his sun being close to the Aquarius cusp. Bosh is a power forward though, and he is not directing traffic or handling the ball.

The other “big” deal, was trading Carmelo Anthony and Chauncey Billups to the Knicks. Astrologically, neither one mesh with Amare Stoudamire very well. Amare has an abundance of Scorpio energy and a Capricorn Mars. Chauncey Billups and Carmelo Anthony are both airy.  If an exchange was made between Chris Bosh, and Amare Stoudamire, I believe both teams would fare better.

Elemental resonance is important for anything and any sport. I would definitely suggest teams management consult an astrologer for this very purpose,  I hope you’ve gained something from this and enjoyed as well . Peace

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  1. Good job. But don’t forget that Chris Bosh has his moon in Capricorn. Quite telling since he is the Yin to Lebron and Dwayne’s yang.

  2. Rumors are going around of Amar’e Stoudemire possibly going to the Celts. If he and Rondo both can be healthy, looks like they’d both have some real good synastry.

    Both have Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter in water signs (Amar’e is Scorpio, Rajon is Pisces, which is a great combo for passing (selfless pisces) to a more self oriented Scorpio).

    Both have fire signs for their moons (Rondo is Leo, Amar’e is Sag), Rondo also has Sag Mars, and both have planets in Capricorn and others in Sag.

    Question might be can they be healthy.

    • Very interesting. I have actually looked at both of their charts before. Amare on the current Knicks team seems to have the most chemistry with Felton, Shumpert (Cancer). The dynamics of a team in astrology is something I always like to look at because when the star players have good synastry it seems to lead to deep playoff runs, and good teams. Im on board for an Amare/Rondo trade btw.

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