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Astrology of game of thrones

The Game of thrones and the character’s zodiac signs

This is a hotly debated kind of sub genre in Game of Thrones. Which signs belong to what characters. I think you could make the argument that a number of characters fall under the same sign. I think a few could fall under Aries and Scorpio as an  example. Let’s explore this though and feel free to add your opinion.

Aries – Arya Stark

From the time she was small, she was curious, wanted to fit in with the boys. Her father Ned recognized this in her, and had he trained in sword fighting. The blacksmith made her her own “youth” sword called needle. After the public execution of her father, she began on a hero’s journey alone going through many trials and tribulations. She is a law unto hersely in true Aries form. It may be cosmic coincidence that Maisie Williams’ birthday is April 15th.

Arya carries the archetypal warrior spirit of Aries. Daring, brave, resilient.  Stands up to power.

Taurus – Tywin Lannister

The senior Lannister cares a great deal about his money and his legacy. The stodgy elder is worried about his children falling into the lanes that he wants them to, in order to continue the Lannister legacy. Legacy and money, two things a Taurus needs.

He’s about his coin. He’s controlling. He’s practical. All Taurus attributes.

Gemini – Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion uses his guile, wit, and street smarts to navigate the world. He doesn’t have the physical ability as an “imp” to physically defend himself, he uses his smarts and his money to get others to do his bidding. Peter Dinklage was born on June 11th making him a natal Gemini.

Gemini’s are known to often have a gift of gab, a curiosity about the world, and sharp wit.

Cancer – Jon Snow

A bastard child of Ned Stark, Jon is somewhat of an outcast and orphan. Going through his own trials as a night’s watchmen Jon showed his abilities with his sword as well as an ability to inspire other men. He befriended the hapless Samwell Tarly who I believe he had pity on but appreciated his loyalty, and respected his wise council. Jon became the leader of the night’s watch and led men into battle successfully against poor odds. He defends those he is attached to.


Leo – Jaime Lannister

A commander for the Lannister army who’s reputation reached mythological levels. His sword fighting skills are said to be the deadliest in the 7 kindgoms. Jaime seems to have some decency and honor, by aiding his brother Tyrion and working against his sister Cersei. Jaime is portrayed by  Nikolaj Coster-Waldau who is a Leo.

A valiant warrior but vain, and very much worried about his reputation, more so than the reality of his existence. Leo can fall into that same trap very easily.

Virgo – ?

Libra – Petyr Baelish

Peter Baelish owns brothels and is a master of coin. He uses his charm and political influence to manipulate people in his favor. But has made some very underhanded and sneaky moves. An iron first in a velvet glove.

He’s fundamentally a diplomat, he will reason with you before resorting to violence like a Libra.

Scorpio – Daenerys Targaryen

Rose from bondage and liberated slaves, and discovered her own powers, and her birthright to lead a revolutionary army into battles. And as for the “rise of the phoenix” tagline for Scorpios, she rides dragons. Emilia Clarke is also a Scorpio herself.

Her conquest is literally a scorched Earth conquest. Using dragons. Much like a Scorpio, who went pushed will resort to extreme measures to get their way.

Cersei Lannister

This would be the negative side of Scorpio. Vengeful, sadistic, and drunk on power. Cersei is willing to throw anyone under the horse and carriage to get her way. She’s committed acts of terrorism, murder, you name she’s done it. But she has her own survivor’s story. While in prison by the sparrows, for her sins, she endured humiliation and worse prospects. Yet some how she clawed her way out and survived.

Sagittarius – Ned Stark

I have to believe he was a Sagittarius. He was so focused on morals, and doing the righteous thing at all times. So much so he ignored all signs of oncoming problems. We come to find out that his famous battle was a myth, yet the myth created a grandiose aura around him that carried him throughout his life.

He might be a “fool” in the sense of Sagittarius. Believing too much in the moral center of others. Thinking others used the same code as he.


Aquarius – Lord Varys

Once a slave.. Varys grew to be  skilled tactician, people person, and manipulator. Lord Varys seemingly has no loyalties, no nation, and no family. He was castrated. His appearance is one of someone without identity, meaning no hair, no markings. I think this is on purpose. He does what he needs to survive. He is objective, impartial, and detached and that’s how he appears to approach all decisions.

Pisces – Sansa Stark

Once Naive of the world… she went through huge trials and used her helplessness as a survival tactic, meanwhile learning the ways of everyone she was around through her journey. Taking lessons from Cersei, Joffrey, Petyr Baelish, and later applying some of these tactics after meeting up with her brother Jon Snow.

She used victimhood when she had to, but is a survivor. Pisces can be very much the same way.

Bran Stark

Bran became disabled after he watched Jaime and Cersei having sex from a window, he was pushed out of the window by Jaime Lannister. Once disabled he discovered he was a warg and had supernatural abilities. Like sight beyond sight via the ability to see from the eyes of animals he can clairvoyantly inhabit. With this ability, he has a specific mission.

Bran has that high-level intuition Pisces are known for.  Seeing things nobody else can, hearing voices and communicating with the other side.


I’ve left out many characters, some important ones too.

What characters belong to what sign? Leave a comment below.


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