The Master Key To Unlocking Your Natal Chart Power

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In What is a Natal Chart I discuss the main idea behind a natal chart. In this entry, we’re going to dive a bit deeper into what exactly your natality represents and how to utilize this knowledge and wisdom to bring balance from imbalance, into your life.

As Above So Below

You’ve heard this phrase many times before. The idea that everything above us is also true for everything around us. So when we think of the stars above us, those of us who practice astrology believe in some correspondence to what’s around us with what’s above us. However, one major component seems to have been left out of this equation… which is inside us.

This is the introspective aspect of astrology that in my estimation, a majority of students and practitioners are missing. As above so below also means as within so without. Meaning internal discord projects outward. Let me give you an example.

A man raised with a debilitated and poorly aspected moon in Capricorn has a personal conflict with the idea of self-nurturing, self-care, and the divine feminine. This idea is too “soft” to him. He can’t seem to get along with the women in his life. Maybe even chastising the most feminine women in his life as being weak or preying on this characteristic. Possibly even subconsciously seeking out one of these women (such as a Cancer) because she brings him balance. But it’s an ambivalent pairing wrought with conflict.

It could be as simple as he doesn’t know how to value what attributes she brings and looks outside of marriage or the relationship to get it.

He doesn’t respect her despite being attracted to her. This relationship crash and burns. This man can’t understand why this is, places blame squarely on her and repeats this scenario with the next woman he gets into a relationship with.

This requires the building of his own temple. Rebalancing what’s inside in order to fix his own outer world. But in order to accomplish this, some self-awareness and work is needed.

Animus and Anima

You may have heard this Carl Jung term before. Possibly being used in a phrase like “She has animus built up inside.” This term is Animus comes from Animal which means having the spirit of an animal. Having the spirit of the animal inside directly goes into your natality. The air signs are the only element that contains no animals. This is because air represents the aether, the mind. Air is fundamentally conflict-averse and why the masculine “god” planets; Sun, Mars, and Jupiter are all weakest in their respective air signs.

So when a person says animus is built up inside of them, it can literally be interpreted as two animals are in conflict within them. Maybe they have a natal Venus in Capricorn squaring Mars in Aries (Ram butting heads with a goat). They can’t seem to get along socially with others. So they’ve projected an internal conflict onto the external by saying “everyone is fake” or “I hate people”. This is self-hate or internal conflict masquerading as disgust for others.

The common denominator is them. Once again, reflection is required.

Finding The Weakpoints Inside

Every person has some semblance of self-awareness. It may only occur in flashes, but it’s there. So if you’re even somewhat self-aware, you have an idea of some of the attributes that need some work or some balance.

The natal chart will actually crystalize these weak points for you which is why it’s such a valuable tool.

Identify planets in their weakest points. In detriment, in fall (Sun in Aquarius, moon in Capricorn, etc). Ones that are in conflict (squaring Mars, squaring Saturn, etc). Or accidental debility by house (Venus in 1st, Mars in the 7th, etc).

Then understand how the season you were born in nurtured you within to color your interactions outside yourself. Understand what the planet in detriment or in conflict with another planet entails in your life. This can be done with greater precision using the natal chart.

Building and Rebalancing

This part is relatively simple but the hard part is, it requires practice. It should be adhered to like practicing Football or the guitar. But the roadmap has been in front of us since we’ve been born.

Each day of the week is a day to rebalance and genuflect to a heavenly sphere. Cultures worldwide have different deities for each planet. Each day’s name is a derivation of the planet or a related deity;

Monday – moon day, Tuesday – Mars day, Wednesday – Mercury day, Thursday – Jupiter day, Friday – Venus day, Saturday – Saturn day, and Sunday – Sun day.

Weakened or conflicted Mars? Tuesday is your day for that particular inner work. (Be mindful of lunar transits such as full, new moons)

The 7 chakras are also tied into these 7 traditional planetary days.

You’ll find information on planetary and chakral correspondences but they often are based on modern astrology that includes Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto. Which are out of balance. They try to force-fit in what doesn’t need forcing. The 7 traditional planets, 7 days, 7 chakras all align perfectly.

Here is a simple diagram of the alignment of the chakras with the planets

The Master Key To Unlocking Your Natal Chart Power 1


And a Caduceus which is also known as Thoth in KMT or the staff of Hermes in Greek Mythology. You see this symbol in hospitals and other medical facilities. It represents chakral alignment (that allopathic doctors do not address in health).

The Master Key To Unlocking Your Natal Chart Power 2


Resolving weakened and conflicting planets ( overactive ones as well) is as straightforward as practicing rebalancing the right chakra on the right day. But as I said it requires practice and consistency which are universal keys to success to become adept at something.




My Venus in Scorpio indicates my Venus is underactive/weakened. I’ve always struggled with being on the losing end of anything and simply letting it go. Bad blood and old ill will is tough to let go of. But the last decade has been an incredible improvement in that regard.

Venus requires us to let go and pass on what we have with one hand and keep our other hand open to receive new blessings. If you hold on to everything for dear life with two hands like you’re riding a bike, there’s no room to accept new blessings.

As a practice, I grow produce and also give that produce to my local food pantry and work at the pantry. This is one of my Venus rituals for giving freely of my time and labor. It has also brought valuable connections into my life as an added bonus.

There are certain “Venus centric” resin and incense combinations I meditate with on Venus day/Friday. I’ll play music of a certain note and frequency. These actions and tools all help bring Venus back into balance and appreciation for me. The same practices will work for you.

There are chakral incenses, resins, and oils that in combination correspond to every planet and every day of the week. There are sound frequencies and musical notes that correspond with the 7 planets and 7 chakras. This is the concept behind Tibetan singing bowls.

ROYGBIV, the acronym for the 7 primary color spectrums, they all tie into the 7 planets, 7 notes, and 7 chakras.  These are all tools that can be utilized to strengthen or rebalance elements of your natality.

You Must Be Your Own Alchemist

These tools are all useful, but you have to find what combination or formula works for you. Sounds frequencies won’t necessarily assist someone who is dear, color therapy will not assist someone who can’t see.

Combining resins or oils in the right ratios that work for you is key. Using the right hue of blue for you is something you have to experiment with.

The type of work or efforts you make to counteract your natural inclinations are up to you. How consistently you practice is up to you. These are just tools that help augment the rebalancing.

For authentic scents, resins, and more. My favorite site is Scents Of Earth

These scents are a part of my own rebalancing work for my underactive and overactive planetary alignment.

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Let me know if you decide to take this undertaking on and share progress below!


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