The so-called “new” zodiac debunked.


There has been a lot of clamoring about the so called “new” zodiac system. Unfortunately for the average person this has cause great confusion and misdirection. I’m speaking of the daily horoscope readers and those who are only hip  to the sun signs.  This is no new revelation though, actually nothing groundbreaking about it.  So what does this mean really? Why did the astronomy community come out with this information now?

Disingenuous news

Since the start of this wildfire people have been going through an astrological identity crisis.  I’m here to tell you that nothing has changed.  What the news is referring too is Sidereal astrology. The common system used is referred to as “tropical”. It is simply a different way of drawing a natal chart. Under the sidereal system many people will simple be the previous sun sign. This type of misinformation is very damaging to real students and teachers of astrology like myself by causing undue confusion to many who are not as advanced in knowledge as myself . The 13th sign itself is very old and while I and many others recognize it when we put our sidereal or Kemetian astrology hats on, it simply does not resonate because it has no resonance or correlations when being tested amongst the medical and horary astrologers.  It doesn’t have a ruling body part or known potential health issue.

Astronomy is not Astrology

The  “new” set up was drawn by astronomers, which does not coincide with astrology.  Astronomy is about the stars themselves and their make up and placement. Astrology is all about the impact of the stars at a particular time on a person, place, or things  make up.

Sun signs, and daily horoscopes are not Astrology

Regardless of the mainstream novelty astrology information in daily horoscope books, newspapers etc. They do not account for the actual individual make up. A  natal chart is required for an accurate personal reading and even for a daily horoscope.  The interaction of planets (how your sun sign interacts with your moon sign for example) is much more important than your actual sun sign.  What house these planets fall in is also of paramount importance in determining ones characteristics. The actual signs of your sun could change a million times but the aspects of your natal chart will remain. You can contact me for a reading via the services page. Thanks for reading.

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