The Sun opposite North Node aspect

The long road to destiny fulfillment with Sun opposite North Node aspect


The North Node in our natal charts shows us what particular traits and tendencies that we must embrace. When we embrace these traits we become a more complete person and closer to our spiritual fulfillment. What happens when our Sun is actually in opposition to the North Node though? What do we do when the person we become is in opposition to who we need to become?

There will be signs everywhere pointing to our North Node. You will probably in constant contact with the sign of your North Node. The cosmos are showing you the nature of the traits you must embrace by you being around them.

For example if you’re an Aries with a Libra North Node, and you come in constant contact with Libras. The cosmos are telling you to become more tactful, more considerate. So pick up the nuances of Libras, study them, and apply them. The Aries with Libra North Node is to become the just warrior. The aggressive conqueror with sound judgement.

Sun opposite North Node

When the Sun is in opposition to your North Node you have a steeper life learning curve because you have to learn so much more. But as with most learning curves, the rewards are greater as well. If you’re able to learn the ins and outs of two bi-polar signs? And can become the embodiment of those signs? You will become a master of the theme of the axis those signs are on.

  • Aries-Libra – War and peace, my needs vs your needs.
  • Taurus – Scorpio – My creative power and assets vs my resourcefulness with others assets.
  • Gemini -Sagittarius- dissemination and communication  of knowledge vs the acquisition of and relaying of raw knowledge.
  • Cancer – Capricorn – Supporting family vs supporting a business structure.
  • Leo – Aquarius – Fulfilling the needs of ego vs fulfilling the needs of others egos.
  • Virgo – Pisces – Serving society  vs serving god by serving those rejected by society.


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