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The vital importance of relationship composition and synastry.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know how you and another would click before you even got deep into a relationship? Relationship synastry and composite analysis will help you in this area. Not only will it be important to gauge your relationship but it will also reflect in your children. In the next few paragraphs, I will explain all of this.

Get a composite chart done

Composite chart is simply the way two people in a couple interacted as a unit, with the larger populous. What way will you interact with the larger environment. The “Soul” of the relationship (sun), the emotional aspect (moon). The values as a unit(venus) so on and so forth. You may project warmth and love as couple when together (Sun conjunct Venus). Maybe you appear to be constantly at odds ( Mars square mars). This is how your bond will be viewed in a fishbowl so to speak.


Synastry, in my opinion, is much more important than composite astrology because it is purely about the two individuals in the couple and how their planets touch each other. This is also why pairing up sun signs is in no way sufficient in determining relationship compatibility. For example, you may have two individuals with completely incompatible sun signs, like Scorpio and Aries
. This aspect is known as an inconjunct or quincunx. The two signs have really nothing in common. BUT, If the Scorpio person has a venus in Libra and the Aries person has venus in Aquarius these are harmonious signs in a trine. The Aries person may have a cancer moon and the Scorpio person may have a leo moon. This is a mutual sign trine moon, a wonderful set of aspects to have with a partner.

House overlays

Looking at either a composite or synastry chart will display house overlays. These will tell one how the planet traits will be expressed to the partner and subtle energies.

This is just a short overview of what relationship astrology is and it is indeed an intricate science. Well worth it though and can save you much anguish because you can either choose not to pursue someone or a relationship, or you can opt to pursue it knowing whats ahead and what will need some work. It is a win-win either way.


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