This happy home (or not so happy)


What kind of family life do you have? Are you a homemaker or a breadwinner who is the maintainer and backbone of the family? Maybe in addition to that you have or desire a lot of children and want to make the home your castle. Also have close ties to extended family as well. Or maybe you want just a simple apartment or somewhere similar to that just so you have your own space to crash after you make your rounds. Well if we take a look at the Imum Coeli (IC/4th house cusp) we can actually take a look and see what type of family you have, the nature of your home, and your desires for home and family if they are different than what your chart reflects.

I see your IC

The IC represents the 4th house cusp in your natal chart and the lowest point in our natal chart and reflects your security, safety, and nurturing wants and needs. It is said to also represent the mother principle. So for example, say you have your natal moon on the IC. Well your mother will be extremely important in your life and you will likely have a strong bond with her, or need to have some kind of maternal bond. If on the flip side, you have Sagittarius on the IC, you will feel compelled be distant from relatives or need detached relatives and family members. An airy home that feels unconfined will sooth the 4th house archers restless need for freedom.

Full (4th) house

Planets in the 4th house will strengthen ties to home and family as well as increase the need for security. A stellium in this house will indicate someone who is probably a homebody for the most part, or it will indicate that the home is extremely important. So owning a home, in a safe neighborhood, and a place where extended family can gather and convene is going to be an objective of yours. An empty fourth house doesn’t indicate that you will be homeless or lack a family, it just means it will not be a huge point of interest or concern for you.

So how do you feel about your home life and family situation, is it tumultuous? Or is it very tranquil and comforting? Where is your IC located?

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  1. Peace. I have 4th house Capricorn Sun. Its proven to be tricky tho, alot of restlessness and hard luck with real estate and establishing a home. None of the pat, cut and dry stereotypical interpretations have really proven to be true for me.

    • You should try the Equal house system, your 4th house may be in Aquarius or your sun may be in your third house. Let me know if that changes anything, peace.

  2. Cap in the 4th House suggests a very disciplined and structured upbringing or childhood, especially by the mother (who may have been the disciplinarian of the family for various reasons). Cap in the 4th also suggest the mother as the majority authority figure on the scene too in the home. One’s career may have been thought about early here predicated upon how the mother raised the child(ren).

    • Exactly. I have Sun in the 4th in Capricorn. My moms was the Beast!!! She’s and Aquarius with moon in Virgo, Playa Hater of the Year, Every Year in other words….I have Moon in Aries so I’m much more free spirited when it comes to my children. My oldest son has Moon and Uranus in the fourth, My oldest daughter has Venus and Mars….

  3. My IC is in Leo. I dunno if aspects are really relevant, but I have Pluto square IC, Mercury sextile IC, and Moon sextile IC. 
    We’ve been through a lot together. Four years ago, I’d say my home and family life was very tumultuous. It’s definitely changed… and we’ve all grown together. My sister also has a hard aspect between her IC/MC and Pluto. 
    I can definitely see my 4th house dynamics in my Mother. She’s a completely different person than what she was a few years ago. Not to mention, she has Sun conjunct Pluto natally, so that has a lot to do with it. We’ve always had a wonderful line of communication and she’s just a good mom. 🙂
    Fwiw, my mother’s Sun falls in my 4th house. 

    •  @MzSag astrochologist  So your mother is/was definitely the head figure in the household going by that. Family and history is important to you and depending on how those planets are aspected will determine how family effects you positively or negatively.

  4. I have 6 planèts on 4th house, in Sagitarius, i m not close to family, i always feeling alone and not have problem with That, i dream everytime to travel, and love chinese philosophy. Yes i find the roots of other people, with astrologie.

  5. Gemini on 4th house cusp with Uranus in Cancer. Iconic dream many years ago that I was a tree floating above a forest, with no where to put down my roots. It was very sad. Don’t feel all fuzzy toward my family, the way they feel toward each other. Rather it feels like I’m an alien! I bought a painting a couple of years ago, while the artist was still painting it! It was a beautiful picture of a floating tree. It’s hanging on my wall to help me come to terms with a free-floating life, finding my roots within myself.

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