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Michael Jordan Aquarius Sagittarius Aquarius Capricorn Leo
Larry Bird Sagittarius Aquarius Sagittarius Scorpio Aries
Bill Russell Aquarius Aquarius Pisces Aquarius Pisces
Kareem Abdul Jabbar Aries Pisces Aries Pisces Aries
Hakeem Olajuwon Aquarius Sagittarius Capricorn Sagittarius Leo
Shaquille O’Neil Pisces Scorpio Aries Aries Taurus
Kobe Bryant Virgo Taurus Leo Libra Libra
Magic Johnson Leo Sagittarius Leo Virgo Virgo
Wilt Chamberlain Leo Libra Virgo Virgo Leo
Tim Duncan Taurus Pisces Taurus Aries Cancer


90% Sun in favorable aspect to moon

70% Suns in hard or harmonious aspect with Mars

70% Masculine suns

60% Fixed suns

60% Masculine moons

60% Masculine Sun and Moon

60%  Mars in a masculine sign

50% Mars in a fire sign

50% Mercury in the fire element

40% Mutable moons

Any additional observations? Please chime in. If you feel as though someone is missing from the list chime is as well.

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