Top 5 Best Horoscope Apps for 2018


Updated for 2018

There are a sea of horoscope apps out there for the IOS and Android platforms. Daily horoscopes are popular through this medium nowadays, and most people are entertained by the novelty of these vague daily horoscopes. So I went on a search for something better. I wanted to see what apps offered more than what the sea of indistinguishable apps were offering.

As an astrologer myself, there is a need for something resembling that represents astrology as I see it. Many people don’t seek the type of depth that I look for in a horoscope app. But if you’re like me or even a novice that wants an app that can help you learn the true art, you’re going to want something much more substantial. I’ve compiled a list and here are my findings.


Horoscope 2017 – Free Tarot


The Daily Horoscope


Horoscope – Daily Zodiac Reading & Love Astrology and Chaturanga Astrology

This app actually doesn’t have the robust variety of metaphysical fields that the previous apps have, but it has a very important feature they don’t have. This app addresses the daily horoscope as well as the moon phase. Moon phases are very important in astrology, especially Vedic astrology. This app also has some additional services available such as a premium subscription at a cost of $2.99 usd. Available for IOS.


Chaturanga Astrology is a great app, it’s narrow in focus. It allows someone to type their birth data in and ask real astrologers ( according to them) questions about their chart. First question is free, additional questions come at a cost. Available on IOS.



Timepassages for IOS and Astrovizor for Android

Timepassages for IOS is a full featured astrology app geared towards people (like me) who take astrology more seriously and are interested in the details. Features natal chart interpretations, transits, lunar phase, and daily horoscopes in the free version. The pro version has more features including synastry, the comparative chart relationship field of astrology. For serious astrology students and practitioners.


Astrovizor is a very rugged and unrefined astrology app, but it’s an outstanding tool. It features natal, transit, and synastry chart capabilities. One of the few of its kind available on Android. There is a pro version available too.



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Top 5 Best Horoscope Apps for 2018

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