The tragic natality of Lenny Cooke



I know the word “tragedy” is a bit overstated. But that’s exactly how I thought and felt watching the documentary “Lenny Cooke”. The story about a basketball prospect out of Brooklyn, New York, who at the time was in the same ranks as NBA superstars such as Lebron James, and Carmelo Anthony and numerous other players who became successful . Lenny’s life took a different turn though for various reasons. Dedication seemed questionable, decisions questionable.  Ended up not being drafted by the NBA, playing some college ball then disappearing off the map. How could this happen to someone so talented and highly regarded at the time?

As a human  I looked at his situation growing up, his circumstance, and his background. The poor inner-city black youth from a single parent household and a bad neighborhood. All which are  narratives based in fact in his case. As an astrologer I look at his chart which tells a story too. That’s the story I want to tell to go with the documentary.

The natal chart of Lenny Cooke

lenny cooke

*Note: The ascendant time is not available so disregard the ascendant.

If you’ve watched the film and know astrology well, you will probably say “aha!”.  I’m speaking to those who don’t know astrology though. Let’s begin with the Sun in Taurus. Taurus is a melancholic earth sign. Taurus is a money sign and possession sign. So Taurus’s source of pride and happiness deals with money and pleasure at it’s core. What it is not is a passionate, aggressive, fiery energy. That does not mean Taurus’s can’t be good athletes or there aren’t any Taurus athletes. I’m just painting a complete picture here and this is the first piece.

His Moon is in Cancer. This is a strong lunar placement (domicile) and a phlegmatic one, malleable but cagey. He is a sensitive guy and has a powerful attachment to the past,to his mother, and his wife. Also his home. In the film he was still living at his mother’s house in Virginia until this day as far as I can tell. The Moon is squaring Pluto and Saturn indicating a sort of symbiotic bond with the mother, and depression. There were a few scenes in the documentary where Lenny was crying or very emotional. There was footage of him sitting on his couch on his birthday, watching Miami Heat game highlights and Lebron James was shooting. It was obvious that he hasn’t been able to let go of that past.

Mercury in Taurus is a practical linear thinker. Venus in Cancer reinforces that attachment to the mother, and family. As well as the past.

The biggest caveat may be his Mars in Libra . Libra is a Saturn and Venus sign , Mars is your propelling force. Mars in Libra suffers from indecision and indolence. Air signs operate on a thinking level so unless Lenny had someone to push him constantly he wouldn’t actually do much. That’s not to say Mars in Libra in a vacuum is terrible for sports. Kobe Bryant and “Dr. J” Julius Irving are two Mars in Libra natives and all time greats.  Lenny just has the perfect storm of planetary combinations for lacking the drive to become a top athlete. There was footage of Lenny at a basketball camp and everyone was doing pushups, Lenny went down and did 2-3 and got back up and watched everyone else.  That is the type of laziness Mars in Libra is prone to. He also stated he only played basketball because other people wanted him to, he didn’t have a particular passion for playing. Libra is dispassionate, opposite of Aries.

Put it all together and you have two slow moving personal signs prone to laziness (Cancer and Taurus) dominating, introverted signs. And a weak Mars. Lacking in the the fire element.

He is the type of player and person who needed a fiery father figure, and or coach to keep on him and keep him engaged. Taurus and Cancer tend to not want to change, and Mars in Libra has wavering and fickle motivation and energy levels. That type of composition and temperament from an adult would “complete” Lenny in a sense.

So what now?

Personally based on his chart, I think he is the perfect candidate for culinary arts/cooking. The hosts for many of the food shows on the food network are either Cancers, or Tauruses.  They both can be hardcore foodies. He has gained weight since his younger days so I know he likes his good food. I think if he cut the cord of his past and accepted it, and said you know what? I’m doing this now. And went towards that field, I strongly believe he would be very successful. Use this fame from the documentary and history as a ball player and tie it into the food/culinary industry some how.Taurus and Cancer energies struggle with letting go though. That’s always where most of his problems will lie.This documentary helps him in more ways than one however.The ball is in his court.


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