Traveling through moon in Scorpio with Beyonce’s Lemonade

Beyonce's emotional journey


Two days following the full moon in Scorpio on the 21st of April, Beyonce released Lemonade on Tidal streaming service. This album also was released with a video album to the elation of music fans everywhere. The evening of Saturday, April 23rd the transiting moon happened to be conjunct Beyonce’s natal moon in Scorpio. I believe this was timed exactly at this time for a purpose. Beyonce wanted to truly purge all of the internal strife and toxic emotions in between the full moon and her lunar return.

In Lemonade Beyonce takes the listener and viewer through the course of emotions and feelings during the revelation of her spouse cheating on her. It takes on an interesting context knowing that her moon is in Scorpio. The video is divided into 11 names and each title describes a period on her emotional journey.


” In the tradition of men in my blood, you come home at 3 a.m. and lie to me, what are you hiding”

Scorpio being the most skeptical and even paranoid sign, yet highly intuitive, knew that something wasn’t right. Scorpio wants to dig if they believe something is needs to be uncovered. Beyonce’s home life is much more emotive than the image she presents to the public.


“I tried to close my mouth more, tried to be softer”

This segment describes the slow boiling of moon in Scorpio when they are in disbelief of what actually is taking place. This is really a Virgo thing here, the idea that someone cheated on her because she wasn’t good enough, not perfect enough. In the video she shows the storm brewing inside by hitting things with a bat, finally knocking out the camera man with it, then running over cars in a monster truck. All dreams that infuriated Scorpio moons have had I bet.


“I don’t know when love became illusive, what i know is , no one I know has it”

The rage of finding out you’ve been cheated on, betrayed, and know who it is. Beyonce vents about it in this segment. Expect a moon in Scorpio to act irrationally , “crazy” as she puts it.

“I’m just too much for you”


“I ain’t thinkin bout you”

“I ain’t sorry”

Moon in Scorpio when hurt will do a complete cutting of the chord. They will pretend not to care, that they are over it. But really what is happening is they are extremely hurt. But they are just pretending not to think about you. Reality is they are consumed by the wound.


” She grinds from monday to Friday, works from friday to Sunday “

Scorpio moons will replace the void of symbiotic attachment with another obsession. In this segment Beyonce describes how she will work, work, work her way into forgetting about him.


“are you a slave to the back of his head”

Beyonce talks about needing wisdom and guidance from her mother. In order to reclaim her power in the relationship. Learning from past experiences of her mother in order to do so.

Also singing about how her father instilled a sense of toughness and self-sufficiency in her. Her father also warned her about men like Jay-z, recognizing his own traits in him.


” 10 times out of 9 i know you’re lying, and 9 times out of 10 I know you’re trying, so i’m trying to be fair”

This is her combination of moon in Scorpio and Venus in Libra working here. Moon in Scorpio even when hurt, really wants remain together because of the symbiosis that was formed with that person. Venus in Libra is a forgiving Venus. She knows he tries, and makes mistakes, and knows when does. Even still being together is better than apart.

“only way to go is up,”

“you and me could move a mountain”


“what is it about you that i can’t erase”

Moon in Scorpio has one of the best memories in the zodiac, and memories are not easily erased. Memories of slights from childhood stay with these peoples. So forgetting is not possible for them, but they can choose to forgive if you’re lucky.

She talks about the promises that she made to end it for good, but sings that promises aren’t always forever.


” you are terrifying and strange– and beautiful”

The realization that staying together as a solid unit sets in. The camera shows the mothers and widows of black men who have been victims of police brutality. Moon in Scorpio is not one to take relationships of length lightly. Casting them away lightly isn’t possible either.


“ima keep runnin because a winner don’t quit on themselves”

Feeling freedom from the past, and freedom from the emotions that caused the separation. Freedom from the torment.


” pull me together again like you cut me in half, make the woman in doubt disappear”

Love shows the the upside and high of reconnecting back with that person that hurt them, after catharsis occurs. Moon in Scorpio’s rise of the phoenix.

” my love was stronger than your pride”

Moon in Scorpio is an intense lover, a possessive lover. So any slight to cause distrust is taken very heavily, and Scorpio will sting back and act out. Due to their symbiotic emotionally fixed  nature, and their willpower, they are willing to ride out the worst of storms if they feel it is worth it in the end.



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