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Venus in air signs enjoy intellectual exchange  and  have a more cerebral approach to relationships.


Venus in Gemini

Venus Gemini enjoys communication in relationships and leisure. Gemini Venus as a personal sign tends not to be as concerned with what  the partner is saying, but needs an active listener. Lively get togethers with witty banter and open, unrestricted thought and communication are what they enjoy.  Since Gemini is an air sign, physical presence isn’t always a necessity. Texts, and phone calls  are important reassurances for Venus in Gemini. However if their partners have Venus in one of the  “mute” signs; (water signs) and earth signs, they  may not understand this need, which is the rift between the elements.  Another favorite past time for many of these natives is reading.

Venus in Libra

Venus in Libra is domicile. Libra is also a cerebral air sign. It is a social sign though, and keenly aware of others needs. In this case, aware of the partner’s needs. Doing things in pairs  is something Libra enjoys. Even if they’re not paired with their spouse, they like to be partnered with somebody while going out and about. Similarly to the other Venus air signs, open communication is important. Venus helps Libra to be able to choose the right things to say at the right time, being the tactful sign that Libra is. Libra tends to be in love with love though, and Venus may withhold information if they believe it will hurt their partner. Venus in Libra is more keen on the back and forth verbal exchange than Venus in Gemini, so Venus in Libra may not be shooting off at the mouth like Gemini Venus tends to or Venus in Aquarius but the experience might just be more pleasant.

Venus in Aquarius

Aquarius Venus is a universal air sign. As such Aquarius Venus is concerned with ideals, abstract concepts that affect humanity. This care for humanity usually comes with a struggle with one on one relationships. Open communication with groups, which may be colleagues, or friends is important. Aquarius Venus tends to take Venus in Gemini’s love of communication a step further and includes video messaging services like Skype . Their  loved one may be of a different culture and live elsewhere. As long as Skype works they will be fine . Venus in Aquarius will likely settle down with one person if they are the embodiment of one of their abstract ideals. It will just take a bit of time since the fixed signs tend to move slowly if at all.


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