Venus Retrograde in Scorpio

Venus Retrograde in Scorpio 2018

Venus Retrograde in Scorpio : Are your relationships in danger?

Venus retrograde in Scorpio begins tomorrow, October 5th, and many people seem to be worried about their relationships and social life. Fear unfortunately has become a commonality among those who use astrology. At least online it seems. But that’s not exactly what the Venus RX period is about. Retrogrades are not a time to fear, but a time to use.

Venus retrograde can be looked at as an anti-social period, especially being in Scorpio. When Venus is at her full strength (Libra,Taurus), she wants us to be engaged socially and sensually. Interested in other people, amiable, and polite. Interested in sex, sensuality. There are common rules of decorum socially based on the society or culture you’re part of that are generally agreed upon. This etiquette is what prevents society from devolving into “law of the jungle.” So what happens when the retrograde comes around??

Beat of your own drum

Venus turns inward. You may discover that during this time, the rules and etiquette that govern your culture seem out of place. So instead of bothering with keeping people happy, and saying things others want to hear… you decide it’s time to withdraw, or tell them the truth and let chips fall where they may.

For 40 days and 40 days you might find that spending more time discovering what aesthetics you really enjoy, what leisure activities, hobbies you really like is far more important than what society agrees upon.

So instead of going with the crowd, you may very well discover some gems. Discover things about yourself you never knew were there. In America, we value material excesses even though many of us can’t afford them. In my opinion, there is a vacuum, and void being filled by consumption. But humans were meant to be creators, Venus is a creator. Venus is a nurturer.

And so tapping into that creative power that comes from inside, that we often neglect because it might not mesh with what everyone else thinks. Retrograde wants us to re-kindle that.

Anti-social politic

In the public sphere, this election season, I expect things to become ugly. Here’s why. Venus is at its weakest in Scorpio. Scorpio is a Mars sign. Where Aries is a head on head collision of a Mars sign, Scorpio is a spy, a manipulator, an assassin.

Election season is when all of the dirt comes out. I believe it will fly in these last 4 weeks. Especially since Venus will be in Scorpio right up until the last 6 days of the election, November 1st. So the scandals, the dirt, will be dredged up and it won’t be pretty.

And politically, the last Venus RX Scorpio was during the Iraq disarmament crisis, when General Colin Powell presented the anthrax vial to the United Nations. This was also during a midterm election in September through November 2002. Not to scare anyone, but it's a fact. It was a very volatile time politically.Click To Tweet


Old flames will undoubtedly pop up again for some people. With Venus in Scorpio this is definitely the one RX where these off and on again relationships that serve neither you nor them should be purged for good!

Someone will come knocking on that door or texting you. Whoever it is doing it is probably someone’s number that needs to be deleted A.S.A.P. Someone who you don’t need to be opening the door for.

Use the time wisely, discover your true value, allow your creative voice to come out despite what the masses say. Expect the unexpected politically.


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