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Venus signs
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Venus signs

Venus speaks to our personal love language, our aesthetic preference, what we find valuable. Venus placed in the different elements each have different approaches towards relationships, each modality, a different approach. Here are the Venus signs through the zodiac.

What’s my Venus sign? How do I find my Venus sign?

In order to identify your Venus sign you will need to cast a chart. You can do so here:Free Chart. Once you enter your birth data a chart will be cast and you will be able to identify your Venus sign.


Venus in fire signs

Venus in Aries

Venus in Aries approaches relationships from the standpoint of fast and in a hurry. Aries is in Venus detriment so the spirit of cooperation that is present in Libra, has trouble in Aries. Venus in Aries wants to either dominate or have a very dominant partner in the case of men.  Relationships should and can be exhilarating, but short-lived. This placement looks for their partners to be motivators. Women prefer strong men… and bold counterparts. The men like independent and autonomous counterparts. Problems surface when Venus in Aries tries to be too aggressive and bossy. Mars’ is best channeled towards work and enemies. Not those who you love.

Aesthetic preference is masculine. If a Taurus woman ruled by Venus, wearing feminine clothing, there is an underlying aggression.

Venus in Leo

The movie star. Venus in Leo puts themselves on a pedestal and expect you to put them on one too. These natives seek loyalty and adoration. As a fixed sign loyalty given is usually returned. The women expect their counterpart to be chivalrous and doting. Coming with gifts and attention. They expect a king or a knight in shining armor. The men appreciate a counterpart with heart, who have fashion sense, and determination. Like the other interpersonal sign Libra  Venus Leo wants to experience a rich social life and be around fun people who know how to enjoy themselves.

As a fire sign this Venus will lose steam if not introduced with new fun experiences that involve their social network and connections.

Venus in Sagittarius

Venus in Sagittarius wants to learn and to have a partner (often of a different race, ethnicity) to learn with. Sagittarius’ mutability can lead to inconsistency but as long as the door remains open they will return. Venus here isn’t as aggressive or ego-centered as the other Sun powered fire signs. But this Venus doesn’t want to be bored or surrounded by negativity. These natives want to keep moving forward and keep learning, not allowing time or feelings to affect their mood.

Venus in Sagittarius women want to learn from their partner. Venus in Sagittarius men want a fun, peppy, interesting partner.

Venus in water signs

Venus in water signs crave a sense of intimacy. Doesn’t necessarily mean physical exclusively. More so an understanding at an emotional level. Phone calls, text messages will not do as with Venus in air signs or openhearted nature of  Venus in fire signs.

Venus in Cancer

Venus in Cancer loves the virtues of family, and close friends.  They like to keep their circles smaller. They tend to have a strong bond with their mothers also. Cancer is an auspicious sign for money and Venus in Cancers may have a small family business operation. Something that is keen on the needs of  people. They tend to be keen “hoarders” of money , good at holding on to it for a rainy day. Venus in Cancers relate best on a one to one  basis or small groups in social settings. Cancer loves good food, so a family dinner party might be a Venus in Cancer’s favorite event. Or eating out at a local hole in the wall.  Venus in Cancer isn’t going to share a loved one, physical intimacy is important and that includes physical proximity.  Water has good intuition so these natives will know if things aren’t right.

Venus in Scorpio

Venus in Scorpio is in detriment. Scorpio is Mars ruled. Therefore the qualities of Venus that many other signs enjoy here operate on extremes. Scorpio is a sign of transformation, psychological conquest, and power. Venus in Scorpio goes to extremes since Venus isn’t balanced and fluid here.  Where Venus in Aries wants to conquer physically, Venus in Scorpio wants to control psychologically which will control them physically. Like Venus in Aries, once in a relationship and the other person has been figured out so to speak. Venus in Scorpio may take more and more liberties to fulfill personal desires and care less about the concerns of the other.

Intimacy is very important and trust is a huge factor. This placement likes to keep a circle of friends that is trustworthy and reliable, people who are not afraid of raw honesty that can be crude. Scorpio rules over other people’s possessions opposite of Taurus. Venus in Scorpio is adept at making money through other people. Venus in Scorpio also enjoys power so they may open themselves up to new circles if it means there is a position of prestige or authority that is open for grabs. This placement is not  exactly known for it’s creativity. More adept at business.

Venus in Pisces

Venus in Pisces is exalted, the yin qualities of Jupiter help this placement bring good fortune to the native. Pisces rules art, music, film, photography so these fields are where Venus in Pisces can make a good living.  The open nature of Pisces allows for a rich inner world of fantasy that can translate into some incredible art formats. Pisces again, is a universal sign that cares for more than simply the immediate family and a small circle of friends as with Cancer and Scorpio. They have a concern for everyone, including animals that are not their own. As a mutable sign this placement may not be as reliable or constant as Venus in Cancer or Pisces, but that’s because Pisces nature is scattered and flexible. They are one of the caretakers of the zodiac and as such they can’t do their duty if they are too forward moving (Cardinal) or dominant (Fixed). Venus in Pisces is good a making money through attraction, but also susceptible to spending and giving it all away. When there are needy friends or family they won’t hesitate to provide what is needed.

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Venus in air signs

Venus in air signs enjoy intellectual exchange and have a more cerebral approach to relationships.


Venus in Gemini

Venus Gemini enjoys communication in relationships and leisure. Gemini Venus as a personal sign tends not to be as concerned with what the partner is saying, but needs an active listener. Lively get-togethers with witty banter and open, unrestricted thought and communication are what they enjoy.  Since Gemini is an air sign, physical presence isn’t always a necessity. Texts and phone calls are important reassurances for Venus in Gemini. However if their partners have Venus in one of the  “mute” signs; (water signs) and earth signs, they may not understand this need, which is the rift between the elements.  Another favorite past time for many of these natives is reading.

Venus in Libra

Venus in Libra is domicile. Libra is also a cerebral air sign. It is a social sign though, and keenly aware of others needs. In this case, aware of the partner’s needs. Doing things in pairs is something Libra enjoys. Even if they’re not paired with their spouse, they like to be partnered with somebody while going out and about. Similarly to the other Venus air signs, open communication is important. Venus helps Libra to be able to choose the right things to say at the right time, being the tactful sign that Libra is. Libra tends to be in love with love though, and Venus may withhold information if they believe it will hurt their partner. Venus in Libra is more keen on the back and forth verbal exchange than Venus in Gemini, so Venus in Libra may not be shooting off at the mouth like Gemini Venus tends to or Venus in Aquarius but the experience might just be more pleasant.

Venus in Aquarius

Aquarius Venus is a universal air sign. As such Aquarius Venus is concerned with ideals, abstract concepts that affect humanity. This care for humanity usually comes with a struggle with one on one relationships. Open communication with groups, which may be colleagues or friends is important. Aquarius Venus tends to take Venus in Gemini’s love of communication a step further and includes video messaging services like Skype . Their loved one may be of a different culture and live elsewhere. As long as Skype works they will be fine. Venus in Aquarius will likely settle down with one person if they are the embodiment of one of their abstract ideals. It will just take a bit of time since the fixed signs tend to move slowly if at all.


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Venus in Earth signs

Venus in earth signs value the material plane, physical connection. They value tangible expressions of affection.


Venus in Taurus

Venus in Taurus is domicile as Taurus rules personal property and possessions. The Taurus Venus loves money and physical comforts. Good food, money and the sense of touch are all very important. As a fixed sign they want to be in control and the foundation of a relationship. Their possessions may include you. The sense of touch is big, so wearing comfortable clothes is important. Sense of taste, meaning good food and drink. The sense of touch meaning sexual pleasures, but not just sex the whole process.  Taurus rules money, they do a good job at accumulating money. But unlike Jupiter ruled signs they have a better idea how to hang on to it, and where to store it due to the practical earth element.


Venus in Virgo

Venus in Virgo is in fall.  Meaning that the luxuries Venus enjoys are given conditions by Virgo. Venus in Virgo loves through service, caring for, and nursing a loved one. Venus in Virgo native is very critical of themselves and others. So there may be a lot of criticism and attempts to fix seemingly trivial problems. This manifests itself often as feelings of being inadequate. For pleasure,  Virgo enjoys physical indulgences as an earth sign. They dislike certain foods for reasons they only understand. Cleanliness freaks to an extent,  they might ironically focus on hygiene despite living in messy conditions.


Venus in Capricorn

Venus in Capricorn is not the most openly affectionate Venus. It can be pretty chilly in truth. Especially if around unfamiliar people they aren’t sure of. Much more of a spend thrift than Venus in Taurus. Saturn brings restrictions and delays. Venus in Capricorns don’t necessarily attract money as easily as the benefic ruled Venus signs. So they work for it and therefore don’t want to part ways with it.  Venus in Capricorn is comfortable with PDA  and not huge fans of flamboyant displays of affection in general. However, they are physically oriented and appreciate physical and practical expressions of love. Venus in Capricorn natives will show their love through doing tasks, and gifts that they find practical for the giftee that will make their life easier. The men will work to make sure their girlfriends/wives are secure and safe very much in a traditional way.



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