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Venus in water signs intimacy


Venus in water signs

Venus in water signs crave a sense of intimacy. Doesn’t necessarily mean physical exclusively. More so an understanding at an emotional level. Phone calls, text messages will not do as with Venus in air signs, or openhearted nature of  Venus in fire signs.

Venus in Cancer

Venus in Cancer loves the virtues of family, and close friends.  They like to keep their circles smaller. They tend to have a strong bond with their mothers also. Cancer is an auspicious sign for money and Venus in Cancers may have a small family business operation. Something that is keen on the needs of  people. They tend to be keen “hoarders” of money , good at holding on to it for a rainy day. Venus in Cancers relate best on a one to one  basis or small groups in social settings. Cancer loves good food, so a family dinner party might be a Venus in Cancer’s favorite event. Or eating out at a local hole in the wall.  Venus in Cancer isn’t going to share a loved one, physical intimacy is important and that includes physical proximity.  Water has good intuition so these natives will know if things aren’t right.

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