Venus(fri)day thoughts.


I know many of us have heard these types of comments in conversations before ” Why is she with him”, or “Why is he with her, she is not even cute”. It’s not all about looks, material possessions etc. …it’s about energy resonance.

Many people may be like wow she is with him, he’s so ugly. But if her planet venus touches his sun, she will love his soul and see him as the ideal man, or if her venus touches his ascendant, she will love how he carries himself, she may personally find him to be the most handsome man on the planet, just because of this cosmic energy exchange. Maybe she has had instability in the past or insecurity, his saturn might touch her moon or venus so not only does she find him handsome , but a pillar of strength.

The same idea goes for men. She may not appear the most beautiful to most, but she appears beautiful to him, Venus in the 1st house in synastry. Or Venus aspecting mars, Venus aspecting Uranus, Jupiter. She may be his perfect expression of femininity (his Mars positively aspecting her Moon). Loves her inner woman (Venus positively aspecting her Moon) Brings him joy and happiness (Venus aspecting Jupiter), Excitement,(Venus aspecting Uranus),spiritual growth(Venus aspecting Pluto).

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