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Virgo Achilles heel: Digestion

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Virgo Achilles Heel

All signs have their own anatomical correspondence. The idea behind this is thousands of years old dating back to Kemet. Virgo is designated as the ruler of the digestion system. I suppose that fits well since there is a brain – digestive system connection. If you’re thinking too much, it’s hard to digest food well, and if you’re stomach is bothering you it’s difficult to think clearly I suppose.

This dynamic brings me to something you may have seen me tweet about before, and that’s the blood type diet, and digestion more broadly. The philosophy behind the blood type diet is that our blood type holds directions on what we should and shouldn’t be eating. The 4 blood types are; O, B, AB, and A. One major component of these 4 blood types is digestive power.

Blood types

O is the oldest blood type, and has the strongest digestive power. These individuals can consume and digest meat protein with ease. But sugar, and carbs hurt these individuals the most, they respond more negatively than the other types. B’s have strong digestive power, but not as strong as O. AB is fairly weak digestion, has to consume meat in smaller portions. And lastly A has the weakest digestion, meat protein is hard for them to digest.

Here is the site if you want to read more into it: https://dadamo.com

I think digestive issues are largely attributed to people eating in a rush, not chewing, and drinking cold drinks while eating (ayurveda says this is a huge no-no).  AB, and A’s have to be more careful about how they eat especially being that they’re on the weaker side of the digestive power spectrum.

In Virgos, regardless of their blood type, any and all digestive issues are likely going to manifest more strongly than they’re other zodiac siblings. So my over point is to be more conscious about how you’re eating ,especially if you have issues or have a spare tire/fupa.


Note that I’m not a doctor or licensed dietitian. But I have done research on the topic. If you’re a blood type A or AB and you’ve eaten a large steak dinner, it’s probably doing a number on you. Because 1. You probably we’re out eating so you we’re also drinking cold drinks with it. 2. Your digestion is weak as it is. So next day you wake up feeling awful because of undigested protein.

There are 3 things that help greatly.

  • Betaine HCL – This is synthetic stomach acid
  • Digestive Bitters – Herbs and roots that promote digestion
  • Apple Cider Vinegar – Taken before meals it is believed to increase stomach acid

I personally take the digestive bitters. They help a lot. If I’m out eating I might sneak a Betaine HCL with me.  Generally we as Americans eat way larger portions than necessary and larger than we’re built to handle. So I bring one of those with me.

Virgo is the sign of health, and health starts in the gut. I think that this is often overlooked. People pop TUMS or believe that their reflux is due to too much acid when it’s from lack of acid. Gut biome and digestion is responsible for how you build muscle if you’re a body builder, how calm your mind is, how much energy you draw from the food you eat. It’s responsible for so much yet we go about it haphazardly. If you yourself have any issues surrounding digestion definitely take a look into the blood type diet pillars and see if it’s something that will help you.


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