Virgo criticism: Steel sharpens steel


Steel sharpens Steel

This is a partial excerpt of an e-mail I sent out over the weekend.

A few weeks ago on Twitter I briefly discussed the idea of positive and negative polarities, and what they really mean in metaphysics. Positive simply meaning pro-active and negative being passive. Positive thinking is proactive thinking. Ideas that you choose act upon, or not.The Earth signs are about this process of worldly manifestation. Virgo criticism is one of those Earthy principles.

Virgo being the Mercury sign that it is, and being the sign of the critic, it’s important to recognize the value of critic and the above quote by James Allen. James Allen was an O.G. of the inspirational philosophical quotes. The type of thing we see all day on social media 24/7. This one is extremely relevant to this particular post though.  Humans must be what they want to be. And in order to do that , must be able to handle criticism.

If someone wants to be a top selling car salesman, the secret to being that is not going to college, or reading a book. It’s going to a dealership and applying for a job, getting that job, and hanging around the top salesperson as much as you can, soaking up as much information as you can, applying it to yourself. Watch how they dress, the tone they speak to customers with. Even before you become a top salesperson yourself, act like a top salesperson.

Most of all, and this ties directly into Virgo, is take criticism for what it is, data that you can use for improvement. It often isn’t personal, it’s about what you do, or don’t do.

As a Sagittarius,  I used to look at criticism as being negative instead of data that can be used to my benefit. This is the idea of steel sharpens steel.

That top car salesperson got to be the best in that dealership for some reason. If you’re the best at what you do that means you’re driven, but also comes along with yes men and ass kissers. If you’re  a novice salesperson and you come to them with critiques/observations about what could help them, in their rap for instance. Then they apply your suggestion and it helps them? They will take you under their wing and teach you the entire game. Because you’ve benefited them. Criticism is often beneficial and in my opinion it’s important to shift the focus from “hating” to data feedback that can be used for improvement.


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