Virgo Season : How not to be broke and the full moon in Pisces


Full moon in Pisces: Sturgeon moon

The full moon in Pisces took place at 7:58 am est this morning .Pisces full moons are all about spiritual purification, cutting addictions loose, disrespecting your health and body, The Virgo-Pisces axis is all about the mind-body-spirit connection. So in this particular lunar cycle this should be the focus (in my opinion).

Now much has been said recently online regarding rituals and lunar cycles, and I think some misinterpret what rituals actually are. A ritual is not necessarily about what you doing, the process, but the intention behind the process. So in the case with Pisces/Virgo, a cleansing bath, spiritual bath would fit the bill nicely, but really it can be whatever you want it to be so long as intentions behind it are pure.

You can do something as mundane as laundry with the intention of cleansing your spirit and bringing yourself down to Earth. Your desired results should manifest. Rituals are much like a talisman. The belief that the talisman will bring you a set of desired results is the power of the talisman. The same goes for a ritual act.


Virgo Season: How Not To Be Broke

Since Virgo season is the time of refinement I thought it would be the perfect time to explain my own personal financial lessons and tactics that I’ve used .Practical lessons in the true spirit of Earth. But first, I want to explain why Virgo is actually the wealthiest sign in the zodiac.

Virgo is an Earth sign (Earth signs are a wealthy element overall) and also a mutable sign ruled by Mercury. So Virgos have the smarts, the sharpness, and versatility to gain wealth innately unless hindered in someway.  But you don’t have to be a Virgo to understand the principles that Virgo and Earth signs stick to gain wealth if you follow what all of the wealthy ones do.

Traditionally the wealthy Virgos focus on owning and acquiring assets. Virgo investor Warren Buffet is a billionaire and lives in his first house in Omaha Nebraska. A primary residence is a liability and he knows this. So instead of buying the big mansion on the hill with high property taxes, he lives in a relatively modest house.


So what are these principles?  Watch what you spend and Invest. Watching what you spend means not buying everything that you have the impulse to buy. Buy what you need, budget for fun .

As a Sagittarius this always has been  a weakness lol . Whether it’s sports betting or poker, or just risky investments, it’s contrary to the Sag nature to use Virgo (square signs) principles. But being wiser and little older now these principles work, and are fool proof. I use them and resist the Sagittarius impulses as much as possible because I see the results.

so how can YOU use these type of principles? Note:   The links below will be referral links.

#1 Save money to fund investments using cash back apps.

Virgo Season : How not to be broke and the full moon in Pisces 1

One way to fund investments, which is the goal, is to use Cash Back apps and companies like Ebates (click above). Get up to 10% cash back on what you buy at most major retailers.
It’s important though to not spend what you don’t have to. There’s no deal cheaper than not buying something. So just because something is on sale doesn’t mean it’s a deal. If you don’t need it it’s not worth the money. If it doesn’t earn you money it’s not worth the money. Below is a link to Dosh which is another cash back app that can be used together with Ebates to save .
Virgo Season : How not to be broke and the full moon in Pisces 2

#2 Invest Invest Invest 

Traditionally wealth has been gained and sustained using two vehicles, the stock market and real estate. Real estate is a bit rougher to deal with because it takes a lot of research and is very risky while being time consuming at the same time. If you’re really interested in that, as a serious avenue I’d recommend starting at

For those who want something simpler and more straightforward, there is the stock market. In the stock market, public stocks allow you, single investors, to buy pieces of a company.  And since you become a part owner of a company you can attend investor meetings and are entitled to a copy of the quarterly financials.  So when you purchase a stock you can actually say you own a piece of a company. This is important even from a metaphysical standpoint because you have a piece of an entity that circulates money and keeps things flowing.

So by owning a stock you may earn dividends which are payments to investors for holding a stock, kind of like loyalty rewards. Or just buy something that has a promising future and expect their price per share to rise over time.

One of the best stock brokers to come out recently is Robinhood.

Virgo Season : How not to be broke and the full moon in Pisces 3

Now another way to invest in the stock market is Acorns, which sort of combines the principles of cash back and investing into one. Acorns links to whatever debit card/bank account you want, then takes the change it takes to round up or down to a whole dollar amount, and invests it in the stock market.

Virgo Season : How not to be broke and the full moon in Pisces 4

So to recap, in a nutshell you take the cash back you’ve gotten from shopping, and transfer that into an investment vehicle like Acorns, Robinhood, or whatever you’d like to use. This way you’re not dipping into your paycheck.  You don’t have to set aside any money from your weekly or biweekly earnings if you don’t want to. You can continue doing what you’re doing and start building a portfolio.

Using these Earthy Virgo principles of efficiency, thrift, and practicality will help you in getting you where you want to go financially.

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Update: I forgot about this but I believe it’s also extremely helpful for saving on items you must buy. Honey – Honey browser add on . Honey allows shoppers to quickly pull up all promo codes available for whatever site you’re shopping on. So you have the ability to save time, and money. No need to Google for promo codes and find out they don’t work.


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