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Virgo Things

Whenever this time of year comes around my subconscious starts talking to me. Without even thinking about it I take a look at my car, the sidewalk, the garden in the back. I’m like wow this looks a mess, I need to clean this up. These are Virgo things.

It is an attempt by the cosmos to get me  to clean everything that clutters or clouds my physical space, and my mind …out of here.

Went to the car wash, vacuumed, and Armoral’d everything in the interior. Pulled up the Cucumber vines  and weeded, re-mineralized the soil. I have a carpet shampoo vac so did all the carpets. Things that I don’t necessarily want to do, but my impulses said “yea go do it it will help you”.

Even bought a 3 month pass to a local spa that has a salt room, mineral bath, charcoal room and more. I’m going to really get my health in order this year.

Bottomline is streamline your life for efficiency. In my financial email  which can be viewed here : I talked about ways to become more financially efficient and actually grow a nest egg.

Those same principles can be applied to everything else in your life by cleaning and reorganizing.

Is your work space conducive to productivity? Is your living space? How is the feng shui in there.  Is your BODY working as efficiently as possible?

Take some time to clean everything out, living space, your body, your car, your business, your relationships, so on and so forth.

Use a schedule, make a schedule, stick to it. For anything to become a habit it only takes 22 days of consistency. And that’s the part that people always seem to struggle with. Doing something long enough for it to become habit. I think people in general don’t know habits can be developed in only 3 weeks. But it’s true, it only takes 3 weeks. So let that be a benchmark, a goal line to reach. It is attainable and realistic. With the Earth element efficiency and practicality is always the litmus test.


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