Warrior : Aries Sun Aries Moon


What does it mean when your Sun and Moon are in Aries? It means your ego and comfort needs are directly aligned. You are direct. Aries is a straightforward energy so emotionally you are straightforward. Passionate and wear your heart on your sleeve. Confrontation is not an issue and if feelings are hurt you’re swift and direct. You have a strong ego as well. You’re singularly focused.


Aries Sun Aries Moon natives


Lucy Lawless is an Aries Sun and Moon native, know best for her role as Xena  in the TV series Xena: Warrior Princess. One of the trademarks of the show was her shrieking battle cry.

Another famous Aries Sun and Moon combo is actor Gary Oldman. Known mostly for his roles as eccentric and ill tempered characters.



Mark Jackson was an NBA point guard and NBA coach. Known for being outspoken, direct, and very religious. Many people have called him “his own man”. Not willing to compromise easily just how you think a native with these placements would act. Aries is a leadership sign and that’s who he was as the point guard on the basketball court.


Do you know anyone with this combo? How do they act, and what is their temperament?


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