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    The 12 signs of the zodiac and the twelve houses each have corresponding body parts and regions.  In medical astrology, if you have a planet or  planets in a house that has negative aspects or is afflicted in someway the corresponding body part will have some issues, therefore reading one’s natal chart will allow an astrologer to determine what region specific gland or organ is a part of the problem and then suggest the remedy for it.   Here is a breakdown of each house affliction:

    1st house (Aries house)- Aggressive attitude and me first attitude tends to drain the bodies vitamin and mineral resources.  Strong individualist tendencies, Aries rules the head and the individual will be susceptible to head injuries, also likely have scars due to impulsiveness. Epilepsy, vertigo, dizziness, head pains are some of the symptoms of afflicted 1st house planets.

    2nd house (Taurus house)- With a planet or planets here, the native will be interested in acquiring material possessions, at the expense of their health. When in a place of comfort they can over indulge in sugar and carbs that lead to mucus and throat problems including the thyroid, tonsils, larynx.

    3rd house ( Gemini house)- Because of the talkativeness of these individuals and their frequent conversing, nerve disorders and likely and will need to make sure to temper the excitability. Relax a little bit. Central nervous system problems that include the lungs and ears are likely.

    4th house (Cancer house)- Family especially parents have a huge impact on personal health. Ill Emotional health is highly possible affecting  digestive and gastric health. Bile and Liver issues.

    5th house (Leo house)- With planets here the individual needs lot’s of affection and will feel unloved if not enough is received. Leo rules the heart, and these people will need to learn self-love and acceptance. Leo rules all matters of the heart, heart attacks, heart palpitations, diaphragm , and vertibrae.

    6th house (Virgo house)- Can lack self-esteem, gravitate toward stronger and more confident people. Virgo being a service sign can suffer from unfounded guilt from not being involved in others lives to their own detriment. Suffers from digestive ailments associated with sugar, insulin  and the pancreas. Metabolism is sensitive and they are sensitive to any kind of drug or medicinal herb, requiring a smaller dosage.

    7th house (Libra house)- People with energies here will rely and focus on another half whether it be business or love. Libra rules kidneys and frustration from this need for co-identity manifests as blocked kidneys, weight gain, holding water.  Sinus and mucus conditions also are an indicator.

    8th house ( Scorpio house)- People with focus here hold in a lot of past pain and experiences and usually must purge pent up emotions. This energy is usually channeled to something external like a career/work, leaving internal issues stewing. Colon health will be an issue, holding in excess hurt metaphysically can be cause of a clogged colon. Prostate and all reproductive health can suffer as well.

    9th house-(Sagittarius house)- Planetary energy here is less likely to manifest as an ailment because of the native’s belief in higher forces to take care of them.  But problems with exhalation of carbon dioxide, sciatica, lumbar , thigh, and calf health will be something to look out for.

    10th house (Capricorn house)- Career and earning the respect of society will be of huge importance, and health and relaxation may fall to the wayside. Capricorn rules the gall bladder and bones and ligaments.

    11th house (Aquarius house)–  Issues of the calves and ankles.

    12th house (Pisces house)- Due to the introverted and hidden nature of the energies here, the individual will likely suppress negative emotions and other feelings resulting in physical illness. 12th house has to do with hospitals so the illnesses manifested will take longer to get over. Lymph gland issues, issues with the feet and ligaments in the feet.

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