What is my Sun sign?

What is my Sun sign?
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What is my Sun sign?

Sun sign calculator

What is my Sun sign? To find your Sun sign you first should use a birth chart generator like the one in my shop. Just enter your birth information and you will find your Sun sign. You do not necessarily need your time of birth for your Sun sign to be accurate. Only if you’re on the cusp of a sign will that be absolutely necessary.

Sun in Aries

The first step in this journey is to understand the Sun signs and what they really entail. Signs are ordered 1-12 beginning with Aries. Aries begins with the spring equinox, the astrological New Year on March 20th. Aries is also the 1st of the 4 personal signs3, which represent the beginning of the year or “adolescence “. Aries is exalted as a Sun sign. Exaltation means this placement gives the sign higher than average strength. Strength ratings for each sign can be found in the chart in the Tables and definitions chapter of the book. Aries is a masculine sign and cardinal modality sign belonging to the fire element.

What this means is the spirit of the Aries individual is one of a natural starter and leader (whether they get there depends on the rest of the chart). Aries is the pioneer and the warrior. The cardinal modality signifies a burst of energy, direct action, and fire signifies passion. This is how Aries became known as the God of War ruled by the planet Mars.

Aries types act spontaneously and inherently want to lead the way. Because they are the fire element, this means their core motivations are not based in sensual desires (earth), logic (air), and empathy (water). They are natural self-starters but aren’t that big on persistence of focus (fixed modality) and versatility (mutable modality) unless the rest of their natal chart offsets this. That is the beauty of the zodiac: its complementary nature.

Sun in Taurus

Taurus follows next and is a fixed earth sign. This means that Taurus is rooted in the material world and has a slow moving, cautious temperament. Taurus individuals are keen on the 5 senses as the sign’s ruler is Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. The aim in the life of most Tauruses is to maintain the status quo. After all, their aim is comfort. As a fixed earth sign, Tauruses are generally averse to acting on impulse (fire), abstracts (air), and emotions (water). Tauruses are also known as foodies and truly enjoy food and drink.

They are therefore susceptible to hedonism. Venus is also the ruler money and possessions, so it’s no wonder that Taurus is amongst the top signs represented on the list of the world’s billionaires. Money allows the Taurus to buy the comfort they desire. The key to a Taurus finding the right path is decoding the rest of their natal chart.

Sun in Gemini

To wrap up the spring season, comes the versatile and communicative Gemini. Since Gemini is an air sign, their mutable disposition isn’t really one of taking a leadership role and charismatically drawing followers (cardinal) or a pillar of stability (fixed).

They don’t really express themselves through passion (fire), emotion (water), or practicality (earth) either. These are the communicators, merchants, and public speakers of the zodiac. Often times they are comedians. A Gemini tends to enjoy gossip, the exchange of ideas, and the interpersonal understanding that comes with these exchanges.

A Gemini can relay information through speech very effectively most of the time. But many Geminis also love to text message. A Gemini is also quite capable of being an outstanding communicator through musical mediums, especially hip-hop. Geminis excel in other mediums (such as television) as well.

Sun in Cancer

With Cancer, we arrive back at the cardinal modality. Cancer is the beginning of the summer and begins on the summer solstice. We, therefore, come back to the cardinal self-starter or initiating energy, but this time it’s in an emotional and sensitive water sign. Logic (air), pragmatism (earth), and faith (fire) are not a part of the core spirit in the Cancer individual.

Their goal is to protect their home and family. In that sense, a Cancer is like a defense-first-oriented Mars sign. Cancers are emotionally engaged with whatever they may be pursuing and will cling to it even if its time has passed.

But above all, Cancer individuals take pride in caring for others. The Moon, which rules Cancer, represents the archetypal mother energy. So Cancers are often content with tending to their home and taking care of their family, and Cancer men are especially dedicated to their mothers. Cancers take pride in staying true to their past.

Sun in Leo

The first four signs (personal signs) tend to have more personal goals. As we enter the middle of summer the Sun enters Leo. Leo is the Sun’s domicile sign and its strongest position. Think of the power and quality of the Sun in late July and early August in the Northern hemisphere. The Sun is hot and bright and contains the source of all life. Leo is a fixed fire sign, so the best way to picture Leo is as a king or queen on their throne. They bask in the glory and dignity of their position as rulers.

They rule with courage, pride, and benevolent disposition; however, they don’t want to forfeit their position, nor want new advisors (Leos have an aversion to cardinal and mutable modalities). Leos are not necessarily empathetic (water) or logic ruled (air), and they prefer not to be simply a manager of bureaucracy (earth). They want to achieve accolades and earn respect even if it’s not the center stage grandeur that is attributed to them in the cookie-cutter horoscopes of magazines.

Sun in Virgo

At the end of summer comes the mutable earth sign of Virgo. Virgo is humble (earth), grounded, versatile (mutable) and is known as the nurse sign. Virgo is one of the healing signs along with Scorpio and Pisces. But Virgo is a practical caretaker.

Mercury provides Virgo with the ability to spot small discrepancies and fix them, perfect them, and then move on. An emergency room nurse who has to look over notes and deal with dozens of patients is likely a Virgo or has prominent Virgo energy in their chart. Virgos are hands on, and have a changeable energy. They want to operate in a clean and orderly environment.

This is also the sign of the mechanic because they have the ability to see how individual components work within a machine. Virgos want their day to day routine to flow efficiently and without hitches.

Sun in Libra

Following the summer comes the fall equinox and the cardinal air sign of Libra. Libras are logic-oriented (air) as opposed to emotional (water), passionate (fire), or practical (earth). Libra rules over the arts and the skill of debate. Therefore, Libras are talented at deal-making, art, music, and objective judgment of two opposing sides.

In a management setting, Libras will delegate in a manner they see as fair and use suggestion by laying out pros and cons of an argument. They attempt to bring two opposing sides together when faced with a conflict.

If they sense inequality, they may initiate an argument or debate in order to reach a just conclusion. Libras have a friendly, sanguine temperament. In astrological terms, Libra is considered in “fall9” as their personal desires take a back seat to what they see as the objective truth, which may in some cases favor someone else. They take great pride in their relationships and partnerships which form their identity.

Sun in Scorpio

Scorpio follows Libra and brings in the middle of autumn. Scorpio is a fixed water sign which is emotionally driven and draws on ample stores of willpower in order to attack goals. Scorpios generally want to achieve positions of power but prefer to remain behind the scenes to exercise that power. Scorpios are averse to change, but they shine through being perceptive and intuitive to drive them to where they want to go. Scorpios take pride in their psychological abilities and willpower.

Whatever a Scorpio does, there will be a psychological component to how they maneuver about the world. Scorpios hide their identity until they trust someone. Scorpios have a phlegmatic temperament. As a water sign ruled by Mars, they use toughness and a cold exterior as a form of protection, sometimes employing misdirection to throw off people they don’t trust.

Sun in Sagittarius

Sagittarius is the final fire sign in the astrological year and a mutable fire sign that ends the fall season. Mutability (versatile, erratic) and Fire (passionate, spirited) makes Sagittarius a versatile and energetic spirit. As such, the Sagittarius will be focused on a number of tasks at any given time.

They are a “Jack of all trades.” Faith driven (fire) as opposed to logical (air) emotional (water), or practical (earth), a Sagittarius wants to understand the reason why things exist as they do. Sagittarius pride lies in their intellect. Sagittarians are explorers in many contexts and generally inquisitive people.

Sagittarius rules foreign travel and International/intercultural relations. You might see a Sagittarius as a travel agent, tour guide, or other travel related job. Sagittarius also rules comedy and Sagittarians fit well into the role of the jester. There is a long list of Sagittarius comedians.

Sun in Capricorn

Capricorn is the first sign of the winter season. Once again, since this is a sign that begins a season, it’s a cardinal sign (a manager or leader) and belongs to the earth element (practical, tactile). This is the business person and boss of the zodiac. Ruled by Saturn, there is a more subdued and melancholic temperament with these individuals and a tendency to suffer from depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

While Sagittarians are known for their grin, Capricorns are known for their poker face. Capricorns appreciate order and work to achieve goals by systematically laying out long term plans and working persistently to reach those goals. Capricorns take pride in their careers and work.

Sun in Aquarius

Aquarius is a fixed air sign that lies in the Sun’s detriment because the midwinter is when the Sun is at its lowest power. Contrary to Leo’s cheerful and charismatic outlook, Aquarius is very restrained and controlled thanks to its ruler Saturn.

Many mistake Aquarius for a water sign because of its symbol, the water bearer, but Aquarius is indeed an air sign. Aquarius is a fixed (midseason) mid-winter air sign that’s stable, even-keeled, and logical. Aquarians have a sanguine temperament, so their energy is light and friendly. Fields that involve electronics are usually their strong suit, and they excel at sciences in general.

Aquarians are also humanitarian minded and able to see how large groups like non-profits should operate. With their big picture conscious mind they can see what particular skillset a person has and where they fit in an organization. Aquarius takes pride in being different. However in a detached cerebral way that can be perceived as cold and apathetic to some. This pride in being different often means that they are comfortable with being loners.

Sun in Pisces

Pisces ends the zodiac. Pisces is a mutable water sign indicating its nature as vacillating, emotional and intuitive. Pisces is the opposite of Virgo, but like Virgo is a caretaker by nature. While Virgo takes care of the seen, Pisces takes care of the unseen and voiceless, the drug addict or the prisoner for example. Pisces strive to achieve the higher ideals of Jupiter through spirituality and non-judgmental caretaking. Pisces take pride in their ability to sacrifice and serve others.

Pisces also take pride in their spiritual abilities. Because Pisces is so intuitive and tapped into the universal psyche, they are often gifted at channeling many emotions through art, whether it be visual arts like painting, film, and photography or other forms such as music and poetry. Like their Jupiter cousin Sagittarius, there is also a comedic ability many times here.


These are the 12 Sun signs or what’s commonly known as the 12 zodiac signs. But there’s more. For the full Sun sign breakdowns and the fundamentals purchase my ebook at my store: The Road From Space.

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