What is my zodiac sign?

What is my zodiac sign?
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What is my zodiac sign?

What is my zodiac sign?1 simple question and so many answers. When getting started in astrology this is a question most people will want to know. What is my zodiac sign? What is my astrological sign? Then a quick Google search will bring up pages and pages of answers. They all lead you to a site that invariably asks for the day you were born and gives you a zodiac sign which is your Sun sign.

This is the Sun sign you were born under (you’re not really an Aries, you were born under Aries).

This is one component of your entire zodiacal makeup. So the real question is ‘What are my zodiac signs”?

Ascendant Sign

The sign at the eastern horizon when you were born is your ascendant sign. Read about the 12 ascendant signs here: What is my rising sign?. This sign represents the image and temperament you present when your guard is up. Meaning that someone’s temperament when you first meet them might be more aggressive or more laid back than they really are around those who they’re comfortable with.

Looks can be deceiving.

Inner Planets


Sun sign

This is the sign the magazine horoscopes are based on. Ruling Leo, the Sun is said to be the largest planet in the solar system. One of the two zodiac luminaries (other being the moon) the Sun is the yang and a large part of one’s zodiacal makeup. The Sun is the ID or ego and our main driving force. To learn about the Sun signs more in depth check out my book: The Road From Space Ebook.

Moon sign

Ruling Cancer, the moon sign represents our physical body and subconscious, our memory. Our deepest emotions and wounds of the past, but also our natural instincts that formed by those wounds are found in our moon sign. To learn about your moon sign and use the moon sign calculator go to: Moon signs.

Mercury sign

Ruling Virgo and Gemini, the merchant, the messenger, our Mercury sign describes our thought process, how we absorb and also spread information. Are we sponges? Do we need objective data? Do we need to read? Or are we kinesthetic learners. Find out more here: The Road From Space Ebook.

Venus sign

Rules Taurus and Libra, Venus is the symbol of love, feminity. For men it’s their ideal of femininity. For women it’s their expression of femininity. Some men love aggressive women, some love more feminine women.  It all depends on what sign your Venus is placed, Venus’ aspects, and your overall natal and compatibility charts. To find your Venus sign’s breakdown go here:Venus signs.

Mars sign

Rules over Aries and Scorpio, Mars is the physical drive, our willingness to defend ourselves and our autonomy. For women it describes their ideal of masculinity. Some women love traditionally masculine men, some women love “softer” men and everything in between. Are you an aggressive man? Cunning? A Diplomat? Find your Mars sign description and use the Mars sign/birth chart calculator here: Mars signs.

Traditional/Modern outer planets

Jupiter sign

Rules over Sagittarius and Pisces. Jupiter describes the way you express and show your faith and trust your intuition. Is your faith strong? Do you trust that in general everything will work out? Supremely confident? Or do you lack faith and need objective proof and evidence before you act. To find more about Jupiter and your own Jupiter sign: The Road From Space Ebook.

Saturn sign

Rules over Capricorn and Aquarius, father time…Chronos is the malefic steward of delays, restrictions, but also life lessons that can teach you perseverance and discipline. Are you disciplined? Or are you someone who can’t sit down and focus on a task easily. Find out about Saturn and your own Saturn sign here: The Road From Space Ebook.

Modern outer planets

Uranus sign

Uranus is the great table shaker and disruptor. This slow mover transits each sign over the course of 7 years. Find out more about Uranus and your sign here : The Road From Space Ebook.

Neptune sign

Neptune is the ruler of the deep. The overlord of the ethereal. This planet cycle takes entire 164 years to complete. Do you have a connection to the spirit world? Find our your Neptune sign breakdown here : The Road From Space Ebook.

Pluto sign

Pluto is the silent power broker, where it resides in your chart brings forth power but doubt. Willpower but some paranoia. Are you the strong silent type? Maybe just strong, maybe just silent. Find your Pluto sign breakdown here: The Road From Space Ebook.

North Node sign

The nodes of the moon are two important zodiac sign poles of existence. On the South Node sign end, you have some characteristics that you’re comfortable with and on the North Node end, you have characteristics that you’re not necessarily comfortable with but are necessary for you to evolve and progress. Find out what your North Node sign entails :The Road From Space Ebook and astro.com



So you see now why “what is my zodiac sign?” can be a very deep and complicated question. Not only do you have a zodiac sign for each planet, but also for angular points like the Rising sign and North node. Add astrological aspects into the mix, houses, and now it’s a complete puzzle that has to be broken down.

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