What is a Solar Return Reading and how can it help me?

How can a Solar Return reading help me?| Astrochologist.com

What is a Solar Return reading?

This is one of my biggest questions that I get, mainly because my Solar Return Reading is the best selling service I offer. Mainly because people love buying things for their birthday (jk). You want to know what lies ahead for you don’t you? It’s sort of a what will I get this year, gambling type of thing for certain people, others are very much concerned with the upcoming year. But for a whole host of reasons people enjoy the Solar Return Reading.

What is a Solar Return Reading? Well, like a Natal chart which is a snapshot of the cosmos on  your birth date. One that takes a look at your entire life in a single picture. This snapshot is a summary of many components that work together to make you who you are. We also have a Solar Return chart that takes a snapshot look at the time your birthday takes place that particular year (it’s actually a different time, and could even be a different date) and the time  between your birthdays.

What is included in the Solar Return reading?

I  dissect your Solar Return chart for the overall theme and tone of the year consequently then delve into the different planets for their their individual placements within the houses. Then after that, the “chords” they strike as aspects with other planets. This helps to paint a picture of how your year is likely to play out overall. This helps create an astrological mosaic where you as the client, can look at each piece individually, but still see how it plays into the larger picture.

Then I delve into the angular return transits which takes calculation and timing. This is how I’m able to take dates of note based on these angular transits,  that may turn out to be very important to you over the course of the year.  I give you all of these dates and the corresponding transits so that you can make educated decisions throughout the year.

So with the reading you have an idea of what to look for, how to attack your year, and the potential bumps in the road along the way.

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Your Solar Return is a special day and time. Find out what’s ahead for this year, empower yourself.

Astrologers see the Solar Return as a benchmark and with each benchmark come new expectations and new goals. In my Solar Return reading we explore your subconscious focus and what you can expect in the next year. and what kind of goals it would be most worthwhile to set.

Includes : Solar Return Chart, outlook for the year analyzing  the planets and angles.

This is an excerpt of the description.

The road from space ebook and paperback

Personally I do my own every single year. It’s a fantastic guide and as an astrologer I monitor transits and cosmic events regularly.  I know that some of you don’t want the hassle of doing so because that’s now what you want. Which is why I offer this service. I layout all the details for those who don’t really want to learn the whole art of astrology. Or those who don’t have the time.

Speaking of which. If you don’t know much about astrology and would like to learn. I cover the basics in an easy to follow manner in my book which is available on my site here: The road from space: How to find yourself in the 21st century

or if you’d rather buy from Amazon.com : The road from space on Kindle and paperback

Help yourself…help yourself.

Begin a new journey using the trusted principles of little-known classic astrology. Classic astrology is a glorious form of astrology that steps away from many of the lousy principles of modern astrology and uses the proven wisdom of the ancients.

Using this ancient wisdom, you can help alleviate the fears and anxieties you may have about your life. It may  affirm your passion and enthusiasm for you current direction. Don’t allow anything stifle your progress.

In our search for our place in this world, we often have these anxieties:
– Why do I excel at job A and not job B?
– I just graduated from college. What do I do now?
– What type of environment would give me the highest quality of life for my personality?

Astrology is the most comprehensive and trustworthy self-help system in existence today.

This book will help you:

-Identify modes of affection for better relationships

-Find what motivates you, encourages you to give your best effort

-Learn your mode of learning

-Identify life purpose and characteristics you need to develop to live your best life.

and you get a FREE natal chart in the back of the book and a link to create your very own chart.

And if you want to receive the foundation of it all in a reading. I also offer natal chart readings which are the root of all personal astrology. Those are available to purchase here : Natal Chart Reading

For thousands of years Astrologers have taken the skymap of the time and location of one’s birth, and have interpreted the map, unveiling all of a person’s inclinations and tendencies.

Now, today, this skymap is still being read in order to discover what was hidden about a person. The Natal Chart is our inner and outer profile, an extraordinary tool of self-discovery.

Uncover your personal truth with a Natal Chart reading today.

You have to walk before you can run because this is can become a very complicated art. But for any level you’re personally on, I can help you. And if you’re ready, you will love the Solar Return Reading.

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