What’s up with Kanye West?


What’s up with Kanye West?

A question that many fans and naysayers alike are asking recently. Two weeks ago the platinum rapper and producer went at Wiz Khalifa on Twitter about his album title.  This ended up as a Twitter bedlam featuring Kanye and others.  Just last week Kanye unveiled his latest album The Life of Pablo at what could be described as a public listening party at Madison Square Garden.  He released his 7th album after a slight delay on Tidal this past Sunday. Today, he tweeted that he was 50 million dollars in debt. He even tweeted  Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg– asking him for some money.

This past week the self proclaimed genius  has been acting even more erratically than normal. And it’s all in the public eye. Many are wondering, are these theatrics a means to an end? Or is Yeezy really going through something emotionally that he doesn’t know how to expressed in a healthy manner. I cast his chart including the current transits, in order to look for some clues and hopefully some answers.

Chart topper

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Kanye West like so many others, has a complicated chart.  I won’t go into every single aspect of his chart but I want to highlight some things that pop out of the chart at me. As an astrologer we must always look at the luminaries first and foremost.

  • Sun and moon square in Mutable signs, and forming t-square with Neptune.

His Sun and moon are in Gemini and Pisces respectively. Not only that, but they are within a 1 degree orb. In my book I talk about how modalities can be explained in the form of a sine wave. Well, Mutable signs are an oscillating sine wave, signifying an inherent instability.  This expresses itself as very inconsistent behavior. Now to add insult to injury, the square isn’t in anxious but practical Virgo, or reckless but risk taking Sagittarius. It’s between Gemini and Pisces. When combined are very other worldly and open to influence.

For Kanye, his right and left brains are so highly tuned, but at the same time working against each other. This is someone who is mercurial but can be easily tricked himself. He can’t make sense of his current life condition. His large Sun conjunct Jupiter ego is not a byproduct of his very sensitive nature. It’s a component of his personality, which is in competition with his soul.

That’s what this boils down to. His ID and his soul are in a battle in my opinion.

His  12th house Sun opposing natal Neptune has wondered about his father his entire life and he questions his own manhood. His moon squares Neptune in Sagittarius. He also wonders what happened to his Mother and it probably haunts him.

Plainly put, this is someone who is very unsure of himself, and very easily influenced by others around him.  He attempts to act tough or aggressive to project a certain image at times but he’s really not that type of person. There is very little fire and Mars to speak of in his chart. Which is a part of the problem also. He just doesn’t have the will to keep what he needs to out of his way, and trudge through it on his own strength.

  • Transiting Uranus on the 10th house cusp

We are very likely going to see a severe career direction change in Kanye West’s life, a severe change in public perception and his legacy.  As he goes through the trial by fire relatively alone, he will discover a new path to follow. We may not hear another song or any more music by Kanye West. He might be through with music for a while. That’s the nature of Uranus. For whatever reason unknown to others, the Uranus person will change their life course. Unlike Pluto which keeps this to themselves, Uranus will share it with everyone else and let them know that they’re changing their life course.


What will happen?

I can only speculate but like I’ve said, I believe a drastic life change is brewing.  Could it all be for show? Is it his way of igniting a buzz? A distinct possibility. Knowing his chart however, I do believe he is going through an internal battle that’s simply visible to the public because he is a performer, and a public figure.


What do you think is going on with Kanye West? In his chart or otherwise? Comment below


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