Why can’t Jeb Bush get it right?

Video of Jeb Bush making, and later responding to questions about his “anchor baby” comments.


Jeb Bush struggles to gain a foothold in his 2015-16′ big for the Whitehouse. It seems as if he can’t gain traction, can’t connect with voters, has constant missteps when speaking.  I believe this is reflected in his chart. A chart which features many placements that are in their detriment.  His Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus are all in detriment. In a few other posts I write about how the President’s of the past have been charismatic communicators. Aquarius Sun isn’t necessarily charismatic, but as an air sign they can generally communicate effectively. But his Mercury struggles in Pisces.  When he fumbles his words  and is persistently questioned he gets visibly angered (Venus, Mars in Aries). There is a distance, and coldness to his demeanor.  The Sun in Aquarius in detriment, and Moon in Capricorn in detriment are both Winter placements — Chilly.

Jeb Bush

The Mercury in Pisces sticks out to me particularly. Because the job is a public gig of heightened stature and engagement, the importance of Mercury might supersede the Sun and Moon. The murky nature of Pisces is very apparent in his debate performances. He needs que cards to effectively get his message out and that’s fine. But when he has to shoot from the hip that’s where trouble comes.

This combination in his natality leads me to believe that he just isn’t the material you look for in a President. He may be great working behind the scenes in some capacity. But a job as chief executive I just don’t see it panning out.

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