Why everyone needs to use Astrology charts – Astrolog #1

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With the pick up of metaphysical practices across the internet in recent years it seems like a lot of the purpose has been lost.

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Astrology is fun, I get it, it really is and it’s fun to rag on signs in jest. I think that’s getting away from the point though. You have a complete cosmic map at your finger tips, but are more focused on making gifs. You’re missing out!

Nowadays a chart can be cast in seconds, this wasn’t always the case. The equivalent of the astrological typewriter was getting an ephemeris and drawing the chart by hand. That’s before actually breaking the chart down.

Why everyone needs to use Astrology charts

I take a look at my own different charts  very often. Recently after some reflection, I thought about this past year and how anti social I was at times. My progressed moon is less than 1 degree before my progressed ascendant. I “felt” a change and a shift coming about in my life. Now with that knowledge I can keep track of the exact timing of this shift. Progressed moon on the ascendant is a big progression. Anything on the angles is a big shift. This data is useful information.

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One of the things I’ve been reflecting on heavily is social media use. Is it worth it? Should there  just be a  focus 110% on Astrochologist.com? One thing I’ve noticed on Twitter specifically, is people who I respect and have learned a lot from, get sucked in to the Twitter vortex. These people do great work, but start Tweeting a lot .. get into debates with people who don’t deserve their attention. I have to assume that time is being taken away from future great works of theirs. It made me think..how is my use effecting my businesses? I had to think about that. Twitter and social media are really landfills where you might find some loose change or a diamond ring. However you have to expose yourself to thousands of pounds of garbage to find it. It’s much easier going to a store (Googling information) to find exactly what you want. This is all subconscious moon stuff popping up.

I actually did a search for business people and entrepreneurs who don’t use social media. There are quite a few. I came across a number of great blogs at Boldanddetermined.com  about social media use. He doesn’t use any, and seems to be doing quite well for himself.

I’ll do more analysis on the  pros and cons for my personal decision making.


Point being is that doing some chart analysis helped crystalize things for me. Also narrow my “feelings” down to a time frame. Brought some clarity and steered me in a better direction.

You can use astrology the same way. I also recommend checking out boldanddetermined.com articles on Social Media use.  To get started on learning I recommend my book for for the fundamentals

Why everyone needs to use Astrology charts - Astrolog #1 1


I also recommend a Solar Return or Birthday reading for a breakdown of your upcoming year.

Why everyone needs to use Astrology charts - Astrolog #1 2


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