Why Hillary Clinton struggles with politics astrologically



Hillary Clinton is in the midst of a  campaign for the Democratic nomination and ultimately the presidency of the United States. She was an early favorite to win it all. Now however there are many questions revolving around Bengazi, her having a private data server for her emails, and ability to relate to people. I think the answers are in her natal chart. Because in my opinion she doesn’t have a natal chart conducive to being a president or political savvy. Let me share why.


Natal Chart Of Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Natal Chart

1 reason is, there is simply too much water and fire in this chart in my opinion. These are right brained elements. Passionate, intense, intuitive, and perceptive. I think this shows when she gives speeches. She seems very aggressive, and intense when giving speeches. Where you see other politicians reading the crowd, even conversing with them, Hillary seems to be yelling at them. In a condescending way I might add. The fact is that with her Scorpio Sun, and Mercury, Venus, squaring Mars in Leo, Saturn in Leo, and Pluto in Leo, she deals with an intense internal dialogue revolving around power, prestige, and control.  Not only is she mostly fire and water but fixed fire and water. She’s resistant to new ideas, new philosophies, new methods.

Now Scorpio itself is known as a secretive sign, but in Hillary’s chart this energy is also in the 12th house. I have no doubt in my astrological mind that Hillary Clinton had important files on her private server. She may not have though. But public perception is a whole other thing. The perception is that she’s hiding things and secretive. Her chart reflects that.

The 3 malefic planets on her Midheaven; Mars, Saturn, and Pluto explain this intensity in public in my estimation.

The lack of air is the most striking problem. Since the 80s, 3 presidents have been air signs, 2 more have been Leos with a strong air influence including air ascendants. This allows for diplomatic engagement and conversational exchange that is easy going.  The Aquarius Ronald Reagan was known as the “great communicator.” The Libra Jimmy Carter a diplomat. Bill Clinton and Barack Obama are both Leos with air ascendants, charismatic communicators. This element is extremely important.

In 2015 currently Donald Trump is leading in the polls. He’s a Gemini, and regardless of what people think about his politics, he’s able to communicate in a very direct, easy to understand, and conversational way that connects with his audience and observers.

Dr. Ben Carson is a Virgo, ruled by Mercury. While he lacks the charisma of many other candidates, he still is able to communicate a message clearly, and unemotionally.

Clinton’s main competitor Virgo Senator Bernie Sanders not only has more detail and nuance in his message, but is able to come across as “one of the people.” Not only with his message, but with his temperament.

I have an asterisk next to Jeb Bush here. He is an Aquarius, however his Mercury is in Pisces. If you’ve watched the debates he does struggle with conciseness of message.

My main point is that all of the strong points that the other candidates have working for them just about, are absent in Hillary Clinton’s natality. It will be hard in my opinion, for her without the communication skills, and charisma of her husband, President Bill Clinton stepping in as an advocate for her.



Hillary Clinton will be participating in a Democratic debate on 10/13/15 at 8:30pm on CNN. I expect some of the issues that I explain in this article to pop up. So if you end up watching look out for them.


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